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In Topic: Alternitive For Spray Painting In The Winter

21 December 2017 - 10:52 AM

So I live in Canada, where it can get as cold as -15F I live in an apartment complex that has no garage and my only workstation is a balcony. I also have a roommate who is highly sensitive to the smell. (Gives them a wicked headache) Any suggestions or should I just suffer until spring?

In Topic: Detailing Paint

12 December 2017 - 07:59 PM

Also, green Scotch Pads are excellent for surface prep if all you need is a light scuffing.


I never actually thought about using Scotch pads, I've been using fine grit sandpaper but I find it hard to get into the contours of certain shells. Thanks for the tip.


Vinyl dye isnt primer, it changes the plastic. If youre painting over it, youd still want primer.


I've never actually used Vinyl dye, only primer and base coat, so then would I use the dye then primer or vice versa? And if it isn't used as primer than why use it?


Sorry for the noob questions, most of my experience with painting has been with wood and metal. I painted an N64 once with a paint+primer and it turned out nice but not 100%, I really would like to improve the quality of my work. Thanks again for the help, this community rocks!