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Custom Battery question. (most likely a stryfe)

11 April 2018 - 12:04 PM

So i have recently gotten one of my friends into nerf modding. After seeing me mod his brother's apollo and repair one of his damaged longstrikes, he decided to mod a blaster himself in order to participate in backyard wars and such.

To get to the point, he's settled on a stryfe, and wants to put about 40$ into it. He has at least a basic knowledge of electronic projects like this, so he's not a complete noob. He wants to replace the stock motors with rhino's, but he wants to make a custom battery. (sounds totally safe right?) As long as it does not surpass the voltages and etc of a 3s and stays cool, it would work right?

(i'm not asking if this is practical or cheap, considering you can basically custom order lipo's nowadays.)

He's also going to put a voltmeter in, don't worry.



tldr, would my friend be better off using something like a 9v even, rather than using a custom built powersource?



how profitable would selling modified blasters on Ebay be?

03 March 2018 - 09:19 PM

So I've been looking around on Ebay and I've noticed a lot of listings that say something like "modified nerf blaster" or "custom painted nerf gun" and so on. They also tend to be low-tier blasters too, like retaliators/recons and nitefinders/firestrikes, so i assume these listings are marketed towards cos-players or non nerfers. They tend to be much more costly than their stock counterparts, obviously. Anyone on NH have any experience selling blasters like this? I assume the best way to go about this would be to focus solely on cosmetics, like doing little or no modding to the blaster other than painting it, and using a cheap blaster to maximize profit.


could selling a few purpose-built blasters like this be worthwhile or a waste of time?