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In Topic: Issues with Headshot Ammo

21 June 2018 - 11:19 AM

I've used Headshot Ammo in the past, and while I've had consistency issues with some rounds being hard and some soft, they all fire just fine. I tested with my Kronos when I first got it last month, it fired the Headshot Ammo rounds as well as the Nerf Rival rounds. There is the occasional dud that might not go as far, and I think this specifically has to do with their densities. I got my batch last year, so I don't know if anything has drastically changed since then.


Those do strike me as odd, however. While I do not remember what the packaging looked like, I specifically remember getting the rounds in a little mesh bag with a carabiner clip. By the looks of things, the ones that OOD handles now seems to be the same. Yours came in this plastic bag, which may be a sign that they came from a different re-seller. The bag does say DynaMax on it, them being the sole seller of Headshot Ammo on Amazon. Just check that these do indeed have the "HS" embossed into the side of the round where the "N" should be.


Just checked the order we placed for the Headshot Ammo rounds last year, and the price has went down significantly, from $21.95 then to $12.85 now, so that's something to consider. I've really never had experience with getting fakes or items with deceptively misleading photos on Amazon, but I think you should probably contact the seller directly in this case. You should also probably try OOD's etsy next time, I wouldn't imagine that they would sell you something so crummy.

In Topic: Elite RSCB'd Hotshock

02 May 2018 - 09:11 PM

It seems they can be found at Kohl's around the East Coast. Big Lot's stopped selling em.




Still $10, but I'm definitely taking my chances, it's better than anything I've seen so far. The last time I went to Kohl's they refused to accept that an EAT they had on the shelf was marked as a good 15% off, maybe a bit more than that. Not wanting to pay $45, I left with just a Disruptor that was 10% off.

In Topic: Elite RSCB'd Hotshock

01 May 2018 - 05:40 PM

Did they stop making Hotshocks? I'm trying to find one now and they seem to be discontinued everywhere I look. Shame.


Nice mod and writeup, I know what to do once I get my hands on one of these. :)

In Topic: NENC #2 (NJ on May 26th)

19 April 2018 - 05:15 PM

I wish I could go, but that's right around after AP testing week and during finals review for us.


Honestly why NY even does the Regents is a great question. Why I care for school, even better, but I like being educated, so eh.

In Topic: Nerf Maverick help: catch issue?

04 January 2018 - 11:24 PM

Personally never looked into a Maverick in my life, nor do I remember even holding one. Probably should get around to finding one, if I can.


I have my suspicions that the two springs might be binding, since both have their coils wrapped in the same direction, and it looks like they both are around the same diameter. If it is the springs binding, there isn't really a good solution other than finding another spring with a smaller diameter or one wrapped in the opposite direction. It could also be one of the reasons Bubba mentioned.


Check to see if you are completely reaching the full draw. If you cannot draw the slide back fully, then it's a problem with the main springs. If you can rack the slide completely but it goes back, it's a problem with the catch.


Hope something helped.