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In Topic: Reinforcing The Nitefinder...

14 August 2005 - 11:08 PM

Hey scientology,

I HAVE had my plunger head break away from the plunger shaft. I heard a snap as I was cocking the gun and the screw fell out and dropped down the stairs lol. At first I just got another screw and then hot glued it but that lasted like all of 20 shots... So I just put in a wood screw that was a little wider and a little longer than the original screw in the plunger head and I have not had any problems with it since. If yours is starting to look a little weak it might be worth it to do it before you are out with friends and have to spend your time tearing your gun apart instead of shooting them with foam...


In Topic: Nite Finder: Old Vs New

15 April 2005 - 10:12 AM

Definitely try to find the older version of the Nite Finder as it is much better.

About 2 months ago I was starting to organize a Nerf Nite for the freshman and sophomore guys in my youth group so I went to the local Wally-mart to check out their nerf selection. They had around 25 of both the original nite finders and the newer Ex-3's so I decided to buy one of each to see which one was better. My theory was that the orginal one would preform better as the handle was more difficult to pull back (the whole 2 inches you can move it while it is still in the package lol). I did however want to check out the newer version of the gun even though I have no desire to spend 40 + bucks to get the whole set up that it can hook into. When I tested the two together the original nite finder shot better than the newer one. After I read an article about modifications on this great website I decided to open them up and have a look. The newer NF (Ex-3) had a smaller and weaker spring and that is what accounts for the power difference of the two guns. So bottom line... If you are planning on doing a spring replacement and think that you might lay down 40 big ones on the trinity system then go for the newer Nite Finder Ex-3. But if you just want an awesome gun for 5 bucks that you can modify then try to find the original Nite Finder. The original also looks cooler... lol.

I drove around to 4 different Wal-marts to buy the orginal Nite Finders for my youth group. We ran around the church with the "lasers" shining until 2 in the morning haha. Everyone wanted to use the guns that I modified for the leaders. I don't know why that is, I mean they just shot 20 feet farther and had 50 homemade darts each instead of the three stock darts...