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Dekalb Area War Of Nerf, July 23rd

21 February 2011 - 05:23 AM

Lion's Park
700 W Taylor St (at the corner of David Ave and W Taylor)[Address is approximate, location is not]
DeKalb, IL 60115
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Entrance to park
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Saturday, July 23rd, 2011
10:00 AM to whenever we decide to stop (or the host/s dies, one of the two)


Slug (or slug type), foam tip, or stock darts only

Bring at least one primary, two or more would be a good idea

If you have multiple blasters and care to be generous bring them so that others bask in your modding glory

I'm not outright banning anything. This includes Jobars/Cobras and waterguns. If yours proves to be too dangerous I'll ask you to put it down

Two things unique to this war and I really doubt it will be a problem, but I want to cover any liabilities first: 1. Don't refer to darts as "bullets," they are darts/slugs/foam projectiles and 2. Put "nerf" in front of "gun."
DeKalb has had one major shooting and several smaller ones and I'd really like to avoid people calling the cops on us from mishearing something.

Don't be a douche.

Try not to curse loudly, if ever. We are in a public park after all.

Lunch is a good idea, as well as cash/trades to broker deals between rounds and before/after the war
There are several fast food places nearby for lunch, or you can bring your own.

The slug type darts I mentioned are simply single BB or 3/16th ball weight stefans that have no hot glue dome, just hot glue securing them in the foam with a flat felt tip covering the dart and the hot glue.


Carpe Testiculum

CTF and variants


Bombing Run





Bombing Run

A ball is placed in the center of the field/war ground with two or more teams on different sides of the field. Each team has a "hoop" with the objective to run the ball and toss it into/through another team's hoop. One point per toss, 3 to win. Unlimited spawns, touch and go spawning with set team specific spawn points.


Pieces of a titan are scattered about the field. Each team has a base and must launch and land a missle within 10 feet of the base flag to destroy the base. Unlimited spawns with a touch and go spawning unless hit with a titan missle, which carries a 30 spawn timer.



IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to a high heat index and rain tomorrow the war is postponed until further notice. Sorry about that folks!

Gehenna In Dekalb

22 April 2009 - 05:51 AM

Where: Hopkins Park (1403 Sycamore Rd. DeKalb, Illinois 60115)
When: Saturday, May 30th from 11 am to 4 pm (june 6th a possible date if the 30th doesn't work)
Meet up place: Right by the tennis courts

Who will be there:
Demon Lord

Who might be there:
basser +1

The backstory:
Inspired by ChANO, the Midwest needs more wars, need I say more?

What you need:
- At least a pistol and most likely a primary. I might have a few loaner guns but I can't guarantee it.
- Ammo. Tons and tons of ammo.
- Eye protection. You don't have any you don't play. There's a walmart nearby to buy some from if needed.
- Money, or food. I'm going to be taking donations to order pizza later in the day and would like to get something better than a small cheese pizza to share among nth number of people.

What you shouldn't bring:
- Absolutely no singled Titans. Plugged Titans must be shotgunned to at least three barrels - a minimum of three barrels attached to the airtank, with all barrels firing upon the trigger pull.
- No singled AND plugged 4Bs, LBBs, National Geographic Guns, or Signal Launchers. Plugged will imply shotgunned to at least three barrels.
- The only case a single and plugged gun of the above mentioned gun would be allowed is that if they can only fire the stock ammo they came with.
- Special cases on the above banned guns will be considered on a case-by-case basis; if you feel you have something that is listed as banned but doesn't perform powerfully enough to warrant banning you may bring it, but please don't waste our time with a singled, plugged Titan where you shotgun-load a single barrel.
- Do NOT bring anything painted all black. That is bad and you won't be allowed to use it. Orange tips are also required, however orange ductape is available for guns without them.

Misc. stuff:
- All players at least once will be asked (and by asked I mean required) to be a referee for a round. Cuts down on headaches and arguments of rules. If we get a large enough turnout then everyone will just be ref once.
- Three strikes and you're out rules applies. We're all adults (as adulty as we can be running around with kids toys while shooting at each other) so this should be an issue at all.
- Rules for other types are going to be leaning toward West Coast standard rules (see badgers thread and read it).

Games played and planned:
Team Deathmatch
CTF (both double flag and single flag)
Humans Vs Zombies (if we have enough people)
Free for all survivor
Squad scenerios

Rules for HvZ and scenerios coming as I get time to post them.
Squad Scenario number 1 rules are up! See posts below!
Humans Vs Zombies rules are up!
Bombing Run rules are up!
This the first nerf war in DeKalb in a long time and I really want this to be a good one. Let's make it just that!