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Dr. Lizard 2!

17 August 2008 - 03:56 PM

Here is my new movie, Dr. Lizard 2. I decided to post it here because it has some Nerf action in it. It would probably make more sense if you watched the original Dr, Lizard first. The first one was made for my biology class and the second one was made just for fun.
Please tell me what you think and leave you comments both here and on the videos.

Don't flame my bluescreen because it is just a tarp in my garage used with a hacked version of windows movie maker. Total film budget: $3.00

Subliminal (hidden) Messaging

29 June 2008 - 03:31 PM

I recently discovered a rude message hidden in the cover art of Super Mario Galaxy. If you put all of the letters with stars on them together it spells "U R MR. GAY".

Posted Image

I'd like to know who else noticed this, or if anyone has found other examples of "subliminal messaging."

Disk Shot Pistol

29 May 2008 - 05:09 PM

Here is my mod for the Disk Shot Pistol:

Posted Image

First you need to open up the Secret Strike and cut out the stuff in the middle and cut off the barrel.

Posted Image

Then open up the Disk Shot Pistol and cut off the ammo holder as well as every thing that gets in the way of the Secret Strike when you lay it on top of each half. Also cut a little hole for the pump to slide out through.

Posted Image

when you're done with this, secure it if necessary and add whatever kind of barrel you prefer. The gun is pumped by grabbing the nub ( you can keep the original "handle" if you want.) and pumping it. See the modification directory for mods on the main gun.

also, always make sure to keep testing your secret strike for leaks. :) if anyone knows how to fix that please let me know.


28 May 2008 - 04:59 PM

This is not a concept thread. I made a working prototype of each system, and will make the full scale version as soon as school gets out. The purpose of this thread is to recieve feedback and ideas before I begin producing the final version. The paint pictures are used because with them, I can more clearly illustrate the workings and functions of the weapon.

Now on topic.

The premace of this is complicated compared to most, but is fairly simple. It is a minigun style weapon with four barrels that rotate counterclockwise. Darts in metal shells enter at position one, where they are held in place by an electromagnet. At position two, the dart is fired by the mechanism shown in diagram 2. (The shell locked in shell allows for seal arround the dart as it is fired, rather than the use of a breach. At position 3, the electromagnet turns off and the empty shell is ejected. The regulation of the powere to the electromagnets is done with each magnet having an individual lead that runs along the wall of the chamber, creating a circuit. When the shell is at the place where it must be ejected. Nothing happens at position four.

Posted Image

The firing/ rotating mechanism is one unit, which will be powered either by means of a hand crank or by a motor. (Please tell me which one you think is better.) When the wheel is turned, it moves the plunger in and out, shooting the darts. A gear meshed with the wheel rotates the four barrels. Since they are driven off of the same wheel, timing is not an issue, and R.O.F. can be varried greatly.

Posted Image

Also, if anyone knows of a good gear supplier, it would be appreciated.

Please post comments and suggestions.

"alternate Fire Modes"

27 April 2008 - 10:16 PM

In alot of video games, guns have alternate fire modes to make them more versitile. Versitility is probably the most important thing for me when I'm looking to buy a new gun or modding on. So, over the course of looking at random threads and fooling arround with my own guns, I have found several "alternate fire modes." These can range from diferent ways to hold or reload a gun, or more extreme examples, like finding away to dual wield effectively. One of the most interesting things is a technique for effectively firing a magstrike in Semi-Auto mode. The way this is done, is to hold down the trigger and start pumping. After about 4 pumps, a dart will fire. from then on, if you continue to hold down the trigger, whenever you pump it once, it will fire a dart.

If any one else has any creative new techniques or strategies that they'd like to share, pleas post them here.

The point of this thread is not necessarily to find the most effective method of using a particular gun, but rather to find interesting ideas that can be used when the situation arises, or rather, just for fun.
Contrary to popular belief, this thread is not intended for the sole purpose of "dual wielding" and "carrying arround a bunch of different weapons on straps, but rather how to use ONE weapon more effectively. The thing mentioned about dual wielding is just one possible example and by no means the focus of this forum.