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Kinda weird questions about nerf mods.

08 March 2017 - 07:42 PM

So I have kinda weird question.


I am modding my old stampede. new motor and all that good stuff. (maybe even a brass breech) but anyway, I didn't keep my nerf guns in very good condition. The stampede was filled with dirt and other crap. I separated the halves and completely cleaned the half with the safety. However I've run into a problem. Two of the screws holding the gear block in are very stripped, I assume from my poor treatment. And the gear block is directly in the way of the wires attached to the battery pack. So I can't desolder all the wires. However I still need to wash out all the crap, as well as paint the inside. I'd cover the wires with tape for the paint, but if the wires (obviously not powered) themselves get damaged if they become wet. I'd keep the switches in a plastic bag so those don't get wet. But will the wires themselves get damaged by a soak in water. And I don't want to drill out the screws as the holes will weaken the gears and with an upped motor and an 8kg spring it might break.



Questions about Stampede mod

04 March 2017 - 04:04 PM

I am modding my stampede, my first "real" mod, and I'm not 100% sure what to do here.


1st Question: should I plug these holes on the plunger so the air doesn't escape?

There are four small holes on the back of the plunger. It's on the piece you unscrew to access the main spring.

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2nd Question: Is the little blue computer chip that attaches to the motor necessary? 

I'm trying to upgrade the motor, and it would be much harder to salvage that chip, as it as already soldered, instead of just hooking the wires directly to the motor.

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3rd Question: Theres a gap between the o-ring and the plunger wall

How would I be able to fill that gap?


4th Question: Is it gonna break?

I put an orange mod works 8kg spring,(rated for this blaster)  and I know plastic is pretty strong but I'd rather not have it break