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BuzzBee Toys Exact Attack issue

14 April 2019 - 03:38 PM

So, I finished a repaint of an Exact Attack, first one I ever did mind you, and put all of the internals back in their original positions. However, upon doing a dry fire to see if I did everything right the barrels would not rotate, nor would the return spring on the pump handle retract. I believe I have solved the return spring issue, but I still cannot get the barrels to rotate.

Blasters for Newbie Modders

27 February 2017 - 04:43 PM

Before I begin, yes I've searched for this topic. After scouring both the site and the internet in general I could not find anything regarding this. The closest I've found anywhere was the Internals and Modding Directories. Useful indeed, but for someone like me (at the time of writing) who has absolutely zero experience in this field not exactly helpful.


That is why I am creating this topic. I'd like to know what blasters people would recommend for beginners in the following areas, for both rifles and pistols (they do not have to be NERF brand blasters):


  • Purely Cosmetic, in other words blasters that are easy to take apart and paint or alter the shell.
  • Purely Internal, blasters that are easy to overhaul without worrying to much about looks.
  • Mixture, blasters that fit into both categories.


I feel this would be helpful to those new to modding.


Thank you for your time,




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