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Oh hey. What's good?!

10 March 2013 - 10:08 PM

Hey there.

It's been a while since I've been on this website, and a long time since I've fired a Nerf gun or bought one for that matter.
In the few years I've been gone, I have to imagine that there have been new guns to come out.

So I guess my question is, if I wanted to buy something new, what should I go with?

Do people still buy Nite Finders? Are those still around? Is there a new favorite that everyone likes? Gimme some opinions on what you like/what I should look into. I know I can just Google the new guns or just go to the store and look, but I figured I'd drop a post on the ole site.

If this post is unnecessary I apologize, I might need to reread the rules on postings.


Soldat Nerf Mod

08 January 2007 - 12:10 AM

Well I haven't been on NH because I'm to lazy to search the posts anymore. But if anyone here plays Soldat finish the rest of this post.

I was planning on dropping this on everyone when I was done with it. But I figured if people would be interested in it, I would fix it up, and if nobody wanted it then I would keep it sucky looking. But it is a NERF Soldat mod. I never saw the other NERF mod, but I thought it would be a cool thing to do. So if anyone likes it and is interested in it I will make it downloadable and fix it up much better. So far I only have 3 guns and so far they look like crap. I plan on finishing but if anyone likes it I will spiff it up and make the other guns much nicer.Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Tell me what you think. Suggestions and feedback if you wish.

Magstrike Cpvc Clip Mod

05 August 2006 - 12:20 PM

Nerrf Dart Tag Magstrike Blaster. In other words, a gun with a not-so-great clip with the gun, or atleast mine. The main problem with my gun was the tightness on my darts. It wasn't a great gun to me. So I decided to fix that problem. This mod is primarily on clip, but we need to open the gun to band the bladder.
Posted Image The magstrike stock. I didn't like it.
Posted Image This is the clip our primary target.

1/2" CPVC
Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun
Lots of time.


Step 1.
Pry off the green cap near the pump.Posted Image
I cut mine off but I heard you can pry it. There is the black back peice, but it comes off with a little pressure.

Step 2.
Remover all screws. No pic required.

Step 3.
Open up the gun. Here is a pic of the internals.Posted Image
A close up.Posted Image

Step 4.
Where the stock is, is where the bladder is. Find it, it's a black tube with a large white peice over it.
Remove the top white peice. Now is the time to add you bands. I used just enough to cover the entire tube. That is your goal with banding, to see no more black.Posted Image
Posted Image

Step 5.
Screw the gun back together.

Step 6.
Find a clip and measure the amount of CPVC you need to use per barrel. I used around 2.5" for each barrel. Here is a comparison of the stock barrels to the CPVC. You can barrily see the extra CPVC I used.Posted Image
Posted Image


03 April 2006 - 07:20 PM

It's against me to make an Off-Topic thread, but I must....Anyone here play Lux?

It's a badass Risk-esque game, but with many different maps, difficult players, and an awesome game. Just wanted to see if anyone played here before I buy it, because I want to play people on the internet as well. You can 'purchase a demp at Sillysoft.com. It's a fun and addictive game.

So anyone play? Or any questions if you've never heard of it?

Crossfire Coupler Mod

31 January 2006 - 05:50 PM

Crossfire CPVC coupler mod

The Crossfire out of the box surprised me. This gun was pretty powerful for such a small gun. Some might say it would be compared to the scout, but I must disagree. I must say I've only shot a Scout once or twice when NerfMonkey still had one, the Crossfire still seems more powerful.

Materials for this mod.

At least; 4in. Of CPVC
1 '' CPVC coupler
Hot Glue/Sticks

Step #1. Open up your gun.

Step 2. Cut your (stock) barrel near the tip of the barrel. Please note: I cut too far away from the tip of the barrel. If you do this mod cut closer to the tip.
Posted Image

Step 3a. Use a dremel to dremel out your retrictor. I used a hammer and I got a big hole in my plunger tube.

Step 3b. Glue your coupler on whats left of the stock barrel. Do not push the coupler all the way down.
Posted Image

Step 4. Shave the case near the top so the coupler could fit in there.

Step 5. Screw the gun back together.
Posted Image

Step 6. Glue your coupler to the sides of the case. I'm not sure but I think this is the only way to make this coupler activity work.
Posted Image

Ranges and accuracy:

This is a fairly simple mod and the fact that I have a hole in my plunger so I can't give exact ranges.

But I tested and got around 55' flat almost consecutively . I'm sure this mod will get better ranges if you don't have a hole in your plunger.

The accuracy on this gun is pretty nice.