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My Longshot

15 June 2008 - 03:34 PM

I started with your regular longshot and ended up with this:

- Angels breach
- BBB, stock spring, and LS spring combo
- Re-enforced catch
- Extended outer barrel
- Uncollapsible stock
- Foam filled every open spot that wouldn't interfere with a moving part

And I made a front hand guard where the old bipod used to be and a working red dot site for a better look on the gun. Along with a white paintjob, I couldn't really think of any other color I really wanted so I thought white will do and it'll work as a base color for any color I want after.

Side railes are also ready to be put on, just waiting for some free time to throw them on.

The ranges are just your basic ranges, around 100ft without wind.

You can also pull back the front pins and the whole front half peels back to reveal the longer front barrel, pictures on that will aslo be posted sometime soon.

Posted Image

Posted Image
(The front looks alittle off set, it is, but only because I didn't put the front bolt pins in before my camera died)

More pictures when I get my camera batteries charged.

Ebay link for those of you who want to see the new changes and/or buy.


Brass Ls Breach

10 April 2008 - 03:31 PM

Okay so im done with the brass breach except one thing, I don't know what I should use to attatch the bolt sled to the bolt itself. At first I was going to use hot glue, but I doubt it would hold that kind of treatment.

I know about the fishing glue, but is there anything besides that?