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In Topic: NYC Wars/Community?

09 April 2018 - 06:04 PM

Here you go https://www.facebook.com/groups/1920455048185725/ 


Ask Van James if you need a contact person to get acquainted  


In Topic: Cheap Mods?

05 April 2018 - 10:46 AM

Alrighty guys, thanks for the advice. Probably gonna pick up a Kronos or Helios and find some sorta replacement spring for it!

In Topic: Post your DIY/Maker/Craft/Mod hobbies

04 April 2018 - 09:24 PM

I mainly goof around with microdrones - I mainly just use my Redpawz R011 because cash is tight and I don't trust myself not to do something stupid with a 150 dollar Tiny Whoop, so a chinesium clone of the Inductrix is a good bet for me. It's great because you can pull a lot of shenanigans that you can't really do while using a full-sized drone without turning someone''s hamstrings into ground beef. 

FPV is a hell of a drug.