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Warthog Mod Writeup

20 April 2008 - 09:22 PM

Well nerfings been fun, but nobody around me plays, and my friends gave up. So I'll be selling off my stuff in the next couple of week, including these.

Anyway I did this mod some time ago, but never really got around to post it here. So here it is my final contribution!
Well after my first attemts at modding mine, with 3 large bands they got up in the 40's. So I decided to try something ive never seen or talked about(that I know) before.
Tools/items required for mod
Around 12" of CPVC
Glue gun w/ glue
heres a pic before I did this mod
Posted Image
it was OK but... On to the Mod.

Posted Image
Heres the Gun without the barrel and plunger assembly.

Posted Image
Now heres the barrel assembly, VERY fragile, BUT it doesnt matter becase all you need off of it are these.
Posted Image
Just hack or dremel these off, because everything else wont be put back.
Heres a pic before I cut them off
Posted Image

Now take about 4 and 1/2" to 5" of CPVC and hot glue them (STRAIGHT) to the pieces you just took off the barrel assembly, THEY(as in its no longer one piece) should look like this.
Posted Image
Now, place them in the plunger, and set them down for a moment.

Take your shell and place hot glue in the place pictured below.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Let both sides sit for a few minutes, to let the glue dry, dont over flow it, or you cant fit the barrels in.

When both sides are fairly dry take the case that fits the springs, put them in with your plunger assembly.
Remember, Your glue shoulnt be over flowing, and make shure you get the catch on right.
Posted Image
Now keeping the front part tilted up place hot glue in and put your barrels in place.
Posted Image
Dab a thin layer of hot glue on the cpvc, and on the other case and place it on, remember to have to trigger in place as well. DONT FORGET!!!!
Screw in the screws, and allow 5 or more minutes to dry.
Finished product!
Posted Image
It now gets more range without bands, then it did with bands, around 50'+.
Ill have ranges up soon, this was my first write-up by the way. Sorry if there are Too many Pictures, but for the mod, it had to be done!

Ranges (all where shot with light wind)
no bands
both barrels
stock darts
Outside 35', inside 45'
Outside 35', inside 45'

With bands
both barels
stock darts
Outside 50', inside hits wall with great force
Outside 50', inside hits wall with great force

Pretty consistant they are. I love them, I suggest this mod to anyone, but especialy those who have broken the barrel assembly. :-D
Question, Coments?

Halo 3

23 September 2007 - 08:51 PM

So are you guys ready for H3? I cant wait. the gamestop in the mall will be open till 12:01 so we can get ours right on the 25th. they are going to have free pizza, and radio station there too. Its gona be great.
i also preordered the Legendary edition, and a few days ago I bought the halo edition Xbox 360. :P

Nhq Problem

15 July 2007 - 11:58 AM

Ok, today I got on and when I went in Off Topic it said this.

Sorry Cc, you are banned from using this forum!
Is NewAtNerf19
(By the way, Cc is my account there, several of you know that)

Now Im pretty sure its saying I made another account using this name, correct me if Im wrong.
I can tell you that Im not this guy!!!
If anyone can contact anyone thats a mod over there please do, I can't even load a page as ^(whats at the top will appear)

I really dont know what to do, or even know how I can prove myself innocent. Any help will be appreciated.
And, If this guy makes an account here, let me know.