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Analasis between Homemade Sealed breeches and Buyable kits for the Lon

18 May 2017 - 06:32 AM

Sleeper Vs. Alpha! (LS)

I am going to build 2 Longshots one with the alpha and one as a sleeper i want to know the pro's and con's of each, starting with me :
Alpha :
     1. Its a kit so no real work is required with little room for mistakes.
     2. comes with stronger then stock parts.
     3. It shoots stefans so its accurate and reliable.
     1. it seems to have a lower power output then sleeper breechs.
     2. only stefans so its restricted in certain wars that most players play with full length darts. (omni will come but it looks like it wont fully seal).
     1. seems to have a higher output of power.
     2. modularity, Eg. shoots all kinds of darts, changeable barrel length for different springs.
     3. Diy, which means a cheaper build cost and you can make it the way you want.
     4. you can buy these but for a much higher price for what you get then the alpha.
     1. Huge space for error, depending on the experience of the maker.
     2. Lower reliability, also depending on the quality of the build.
     3. entry lever is high compared to the alpha which you just need a couple of screw drivers, as you need a bunch of tools and epoxys and know-how as to using them.
    4. might not yield as high precision as manufactured kits with better Tolerances.



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