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Dissolving Superglue

29 September 2009 - 02:26 AM

Well, I had a bit of an unfortunate accident while modding one of my blasters and long story short, a tube of superglue exploded and coated a number of unlucky objects in its sticky plastic goodness, namely my monitor. So, what's a plastic-safe way to remove superglue? Rubbing Alcohol doesn't work, although it IS plastic-safe.


16 August 2009 - 01:42 AM

As I was rebuilding the utterly destroyed bolt on my Recon, I found myself running into the issue of my glue detaching itself from the brass tubing. I know that FA_24 uses Fishin' Glue, but as that's $10 a bottle where I live, I'm using Weldbond instead. It claims to glue almost anything to anything else, but it seems that it too struggles with Brass tubing.

Anyone have any solutions?

Buzz Bee Big Blast Help

11 August 2009 - 09:11 PM

Okay, after buying a BBBB from someone here (not gonna give names to avoid negative feedback on that person) I found that the pump o-ring doesn't seal. I tried a few different fixes, but nothing seemed to work.

It's the bright green and blue model (the one that reportedly had pump issues to start with) can anyone please give me some help?

Cutting Down On Useless Topics

19 July 2009 - 08:48 PM

I've noticed that lately we've had a VERY large number of totally stupid and pointless topics lately, siting a Mr. Pat_is_Back as a recent instigator. I run my own invision site and I've found that moderation of new topics is an excellent way to cut down on idiocy on the boards.

-Reduced number of absolutely retarded topics
-Less post spamming and general flaming
-Better adherence to the CoC
-Less bandwidth used up by useless topics

-Posters will have to be patient when making write-ups
-Increased workload for the mods
-E-mail notification doesn't always work.

If this isn't an acceptable solution, perhaps the posting rights of certain posters could be moderated instead, like a "one warning, then you get your posts moderated" or something like that.

Paintshop Help

22 June 2009 - 03:12 PM

Heya guys, I was doing a repaint of one of my blasters, replacing the stickers with actual paint and I found myself needing to do a gradient, but I don't have a clue how to do one. Could anyone give me some tips?

Here's an example of what I'm trying to do (made it in GIMP)
Posted Image