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In Topic: My Nf Hates Me

19 June 2008 - 10:32 PM

Yea, check that barrel and make sure it's sealed up good like. Broken seals = Effeminate FAIL!!

If the barrel isn't the problem, I often find that a seemingly mysterious loss of performance ends up being due to the seal within the plunger itself. The stock o-ring that is fitted inside most plungers is fairly thin and doesn't create enough of a seal in my opinion. Replacing that o-ring always seems to do the trick for me in addition to giving my blasters a little extra blast.

Even if the o-ring isn't a factor with your blaster's decrease in performance, replacing it is something I do in every blaster. I don't have any o-ring size to blaster combinations handy since I test different sizes until I find the right one for the job which varies even with the same blaster model.

Best of luck in finding the cause of the problem and if you figure it out, let us know.

In Topic: Bbb Mod Question

02 June 2008 - 06:31 PM

Just thought I'd post an update about the performance of my modded BBB that uses a barrel shorter than 6" and similar to the markers that others use.

I was on a break at work and decided to see how high the BBB would launch darts vertically and they made it on top of the roof of the 7th floor/8th floor balcony from a squatting position. Now vertical travel is considerably shorter than horizontal travel but 7 floors in my building totals over 80'. I don't know if a longer barrel would increase the range but i'm getting ranges similar to, if not better, than those reported with longer barrels made from brass, petg or other such material. Petg is great stuff and I use it for other barrels though it doesn't taper at all which generally requires a different method for air-sealing.

The only thing I can think of that makes the plastic test tubes I used perform so well in comparison to other plastics is that it appears to be some form of really dense, yet brittle, plexiglass without the static cling. The lack of static not generated by the plastic may be the sole contributing factor to the ranges I'm getting with such a short barrel. Now if only I can find some longer lengths to test this theory.

I plan to begin modding my second BBB sometime in the near future in the same manner as my first and will take pics to piece together a guide to help you out Noob Modder and everyone else that may be interested in short barrel modifications.

In closing, it's really great to know that there are so many materials and resources at our disposal in our attempts to increase the performance of our dart blasters! Cheers!

In Topic: Bbb Mod Question

31 May 2008 - 09:11 PM

I don't think it would get 70'. If you want ranges like that I wouldn't be using crayola barrels. Just go buy some brass or PETG and then you might be able to achieve the ranges you are trying to get.

I have to strongly disagree here. My modded BBB uses a plastic tube similar to a marker shaft but it's actually a shot of alchohol in a plastic test tube like the kind in a kids science kit that I got a whole ton of from a friend. I found this tube causes an extremely air-tight but loose fit due to its tapered profile and will propel streamline darts no less than 80' and in excess of up to 100' due to how crazy their flight can be. With my 2" custom Stefans it will propel them reliably to ~100' with a slight angle of about 5 degrees without any problems. Maximum distance with a ~15-20 degree angle resulted in long walks to recover the darts and many being lost =( though the longest I've measured from firing to resting position was ~130' with no wind outdoors.

I didn't reinforce the barrel to stop it from wiggling since I haven't had reason to be sad with the performance of my BBB. The plastic test tube worked perfectly and was shear luck that I came into having so many at my disposal.

The custom Stefans also will leave marks on the body and one of them almost took off a fingernail, after a loading accident, due to the force generated when it launches. These darts are beasts and are the culmination of different Stefans I've made. The best I've launched to date!

In Topic: Incredibly Easy Big Bad Bow Mod

05 March 2008 - 01:33 AM

For the most part I did this exact same mod but used a plastic test tube instead of the marker shaft. This was in addition to the AR removal. The test tubes were filled with sample shots of some alchohol that my friend got from his bar and they work extremely well for launching Stefans and Streamlines. Blasting either dart type results in ranges of ~70-80' from level shots and ~90-100' when angled about 20 degrees (some Streamlines go quite a distance beyond 100'). The test tube doesn't blast micro darts very well since they don't go far enough into the tube to seat snugly for pressure build up and only launch about 15'.

Additionally, I enclosed the orange barrel + test tube in 1" cpvc. The length of the barrel is now ~6.5" and very sturdy. I plan to add a clip because I simply hate single loading darts.

I'm diggin' your mod and glad someone else was on the same path of thinking.