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In Topic: Modifying A Longshot?

12 March 2008 - 03:37 PM

Search for "Converted Dart Tag Darts" or CDTD or CDTs. Or you can just trim the hollow dome off of the tip of the streamlines.
2-inch length Stefans will work fine in the Longshot provided you cut out the peg inside the bolt.

Great, so I cut down to the hexagonal part. Dart is much more accurate, although it's losign distance, I'm assuming from drop in mass.
I can probably shove something in it to compensate for that though. Thanks.

In Topic: Modifying A Longshot?

11 March 2008 - 08:26 PM

Hi. Just got in.
I had a few random questions, so here's some stuff i'd like to know about in no particular order.

My longy is pretty basic- we're talking bare bones adding an Eagle Eye and AR 15 spring over the stock one, removing the air restrictor, and anihilating the barrel extension and bipod, opting for putting the handgun where the bipod was (I like tapping, so I just leave that cocked and loaded for use as a bayonet so to speak.)

But accuracy is pretty pathetic, so I'm contemplating things that can be done to the ammunition to make it more stable. Unless somebody knows of an easy way to make stefans at that size they're a no-no, but I was considering size 7 lead fishing weights hot glued to the center of the stock ammo. Has anyone tried this? Also of note would be whether I could get a brass barrel in there without opening the gun up again.

Accuracy is me primary concern. I mostly play with people using mods of the blue Maverick, and they're pretty good with 'em, but I like having the extra ammo and range.