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Stryfe Kriss Vector Kit, Paint, and Internals Mod "Kookies 'n

24 August 2016 - 02:54 AM

Hey! I'm new here, so let's start with a bang!

A few months ago, I bought a Stryfe along with the Worker Kriss Vector kit. Little did I know, I would eventually stuff it with new internals, and give it a new paint job. At this moment, this blaster is incomplete.I need to install a larger switch that I already have, and I am waiting on a new flywheel cage. This is more of a work in progress post rather than a "lookie at what I've got done" post. I learned a lot from this build and paint job. I learned how to use a Dremel tool, found out how to appropriately spray paint a blaster, discovered things that I shouldn't do next time as well as taking note of which things I need to improve on. I like the build and Star Wars feel that I get from it and I hope others do too. I hope to inspire others, to entourage them, to teach them what to do and what not to do, and show them that they can maybe get more fun and learn something from modding Nerf.

Enough gabbing, here are the photos!

The blaster itself: 


Waiting for the paint to dry:

  • For this paint scheme, I used a black textured variant of Rustoleum to give the blaster a matte look and to attempt to match the Worker kit's texture. I then tapped off parts that I wanted to stay black and added a layer of white matte Valspar since I couldn't find the Rustoleum version in nearby stores. After it was dry to the touch plus a couple hours, I touched up some of the spots with matte white Tamiya and flat black Testors acrylic paint which I had lying around for model tank projects. All was sealed with light coat of a Rustoleum 2x satin clear coat.

You can see some of the parts where my brush wasn't thin enough and where my hand wasn't steady enough. Painter's tape failed me here in some parts, but worked in others once I pressed it down firmly enough:

I wish my acrylics matched my spray paint, but alas...

Here, I got fed up with the brush and used a fine gel pen:

The stock is especially bad since I rushed parts of it and tried to cover a mistake, which ended up snowballing on me. The recessed spots were hard to get, and I smudged the text:

I made a mistake on a logo, so i decided to make the best of it and make an inverted version on the other side:

Some more flattering shots:


Last, but not least! No piece is complete without a signature and name:

Previously, I re-wired the blaster with 18 gauge wire, slapped on worker flywheels along with 180 motors from Hobbyzone and powered them with Trustfire batteries. I had issues with the cage and flywheels rubbing against each other, but I didn't know where. After mere seconds of testing the flywheel cage assembly, I managed to melt my stock flywheel cage the one of the worker flywheels so, I decided to order one from Ben at BlackSteelProps which is still being processed at the time of this post. I plan on using a 3D 180 motor cover from Blastersmiths UK to cover up the messy wiring.

Poor flywheel :<

180 Motors:

3D printed 180 motor cover:

I also plan to use a larger, 21 amp rated switch from Digi-Key. Since I'm still new at this, so I've decided to go ahead with Trustfires. Maybe I'll try out IMR's in the near future since the new circuit should be able to withstand the large current. I will upgrade to LiPo batteries once I understand them thoroughly. 


I will be posting more progress in the future. Like I said, I still have a BSP flywheel cage to install and beefy switch to wire it up to!
That's it for now! Let me know if you have any questions or recommendations. I should have reference links as to where I bought the stuff I used up soon.

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