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Beauties and Beasts

19 August 2016 - 09:41 PM

I would like to hear some suggestions for some Nerf Blasters that fit the role of a "Beauty" or a "Beast". A little exposition is in order in order to clarify the analogy being made and the context of me asking.


I recently have renewed the Nerf Club at A.S.M.S.A. and became the President/Doyen/Master/Whatever of it. So for the first meeting I would like to educate these Nerf noobs on the fact that pretty blasters aren't always the best one to pick. For example: during the club fair earlier today, I had a Vulcan EBF laying as a display item on the table. Everyone who had an above average interest (in context of the school's average interest) seemed to drool over it. Needless to say, I held back from saying it was a C-list blaster as to not deter them from signing up. 


Now for the analogy: Beauties would be something like the Vulcan. They look pretty/awesome/rad/killer/overpowered/whatever but don't tend to measure up on the field. Beasts would be something like the Pyragon or Titan. They perform awesome/rad/killer/overpowered/whatever on the field.


I plan on making a PowerPoint slideshow game to quiz the members on which blaster is more powerful than the other displayed. All I need is for you guys to list some blasters that fit the bill of each description.

Any War Stories?

21 June 2016 - 02:38 PM

Does anyone have an silly, interesting, or cool tales from a war to share? I most certainly do!

It was my Youth Group's first full scale war, we had bought four Apollos, Hammershots, and many more. My team was wrecked every round by my youth pastor, who chose simple and effective tactics. When we wound down the festivities, it was around four A.M. We were to wake up early the next day for breakfast so we laid ourselves to sleep. I merely closed my eyes and before me was a crouched figure clad in a Rival Mask and wielding a Zeus. I immediately began flailing in self defense on my seat cushion bed only to realize I was patient zero of foam induced PTSD.