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In Topic: Game Types and Rules for Nerf Wars

17 May 2016 - 05:39 AM

17 game modes!


I'm into rubber band guns rather than Nerf guns which is why I compiled this list of rbg game modes. I thought they could quite easily work for Nerf guns too. It's a 3-page document so a bit much to write in full, but here's an excerpt:

Night raid:
▬ Raider is armed with tactical light, assault rifle and pistol. Defeated by headshot.
Campers have 1 minute to hide at start of round with 1 weapon each. Defeated by bodyshot.
The raider’s weapons should be much better than those of the campers. E.g. a raider with a Retaliator and campers with a Nite Finder.
Reverse gun game:
All guns divided into two balanced stockpiles at each team’s spawn.
When a player is shot or runs out of ammo, they place their gun in a discard pile and pick up another.
Whichever team empties their stockpile loses.
Players carry 1 gun at a time.
This requires at least a few guns per player.


Go here to download the full document:



Many of these were inspired by existing game modes but I'm hoping it may contain enough ideas to be worthy of your time!