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23 May 2016 - 07:24 PM

After some research, 3/0 fishing weights weigh approximately 0.5g, while 1/4 slingshot ammo weighs 1.0g. So what you bought from McMaster seems to be the exact ones companies sell as slingshot ammo. Sorry for my lack of research before replying the first time, your darts will not be allowed with those weights. 

Just weighed some 3/0 lead fishing weights and they are 1g too. Not sure if what you found was the weight of another size of fishing weight, but the 3/0 fishing weights I own (from Walmart) weigh the same as the 1/4" steel ball. I could use 3/0 weights in my darts, but I don't like to handle all that lead plus the steel balls are cheaper.

In Topic: The Return of Vengeance

23 May 2016 - 05:23 PM

[quote name="skullface44" post="353693" timestamp="1464028486"]

How heavy are they? If you dont know ill weigh them at the war. Bring one of the steel balls for me to look at too if you can. If they end up being to heavy your more the welcome to use my darts, I bring around 3000.
Each 1/4" steel ball weighs one gram. Thank you for your offer. If my darts can't be used, what kind of foam do you use for your darts? I use ITP beige hot rod XL for mine.

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14 May 2016 - 09:47 PM

I am hoping to attend this war, however I had a question about dart weight regulations. I use glue domed Stefan darts weighted with a 1/4" diameter steel ball from McMaster Carr. The steel ball weighs the same as a 3/0 lead fishing weight, but it is slightly larger. Would I be permitted to use these weights in my darts? Or would I have to switch to another type of weight for the war?