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#354312 Quickshot 12

Posted by Cheefman45 on 17 June 2016 - 11:07 AM

Much improved, thanks.

Did you removed the breech tooth too? It seems like you'd need to to make it a quickload; but if you pulled that out, I am also really curious how the darts are staying in place. Is there just enough mag feed lip left to hold them in there?

Yes I removed the breach tooth and I figure out that this 1466179336672-1607026531.jpg and this 1466179388955-876169800.jpg are what keeps darts in as you see here 14661795365471693495149.jpg
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#353472 EB-1 longhorn rifle

Posted by Cheefman45 on 14 May 2016 - 06:41 AM

This is the final product minus the switch of my electronic blowgun the final name is the longhorn rifle it fires about 70-85 fps with the ability to fire two rounds at once here is the YouTube link the video explains the rest. also you will see it in the video. So there is no need for pictures this is my first nerf video enjoy. UPDATE: This is a update of the longhorn project this video explains my switch mechanism and how it will be good with the current version. https://youtu.be/yENCEk3DSbQ
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#353394 Rebel Loadout

Posted by Cheefman45 on 10 May 2016 - 08:12 PM

This IMG_20160510_195136.jpg is the rebel loadout. The rebel loadout is based around versatility and cheapness. This loadout was made of completely recycled stuff or old stuff. This loadout best suits my playstyle because I do hit and run strikes, ambushes, and just plain harassing the other team. This loadout has a bookbag to carry other stuff including ammo, a old red lunch bag to carry darts, my DP-1, grenades/socks and other gear like hats and stuff. This loadout cost me nothing as it was either stuff I found or that was given to me. To me this depicts how rebels continue to fight through hardship. Thank-you for reading. 1462925612779.jpg
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#353371 IG-1 scotch

Posted by Cheefman45 on 09 May 2016 - 08:04 PM

I found a old Easter egg from our buildings Easter egg hunt and decided I would nerfanize it so here is the grenade design. The IG-1 stands for impact grenade model one the scotch is the name of the grenade model. This grenades might be good for close range or for hit and run strikes. It is easy to make and use and cheap or free if your like me. All you need are 4 darts and a Easter egg. This works better in full sized darts as the tension helps detonation although stefens could be used and the spread would be good. The best way to operate this grenade is a lob into a wall next to an opponent even though ground detonation is fine too but hinders effectiveness. Next are picture instructions on making this enjoy.

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#353299 Buzzbee super tek 3 (Kopis DP-1

Posted by Cheefman45 on 07 May 2016 - 10:40 AM

Firat a little about myself I am a teenager who lives in the slums of st.louis I am currently living in a shelter and couldn't afford to buy pvc and epoxy putty for this so unfortunately I didn't come out aswell as I planned. The plan was to put a pvc pipe on the end so I had to make do with this I had to temporarily put a mixed nut jar on there with duct tape I plan on doing something so that the can isn't as "lame". Unlike most people I don't have alot of any money to spend on hardware parts. If any one has any ideas on how I can make thus better besides the obvious I am open to suggestions. Anyways this is my modified supertek 3 it now shoots 3 darts with a moderate spread and sort range. I classify it as a shot pistol and the DP stands for (direct propulsion) So the plunger directly pushes the darts out of the barrel. This is my first shell mod to a blaster I am pretty pleased with the results. I am currently working on a fully homemade electronic nerf blaster. UPDATE: The building janitor was nice enough to give me a little bit of caulk like stuff so I tried to shape the jar up a bit. I also sanded the front and added tape to make it look a little better. Also there is a picture of it loaded.

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