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Shopping in the USA

26 March 2017 - 05:45 AM

Hi folks,


I am putting this one here, because I don't want to buy / sell on the NH Marketplace, but ask for advise on shopping in the USA.


I will do several short trips (work related) during April and would like to get some stuff for my hobby.


Things I am most looking for:


- Brass tube 1/2" with a good dart fit for Elite / Koosh 3rd

- Buzzbee Boss (or Tyrant) and 12 round Magazines / refills http://www.buzzbeeto...efill clip.html

- Buzzbee Mini Marshmallow attack ;-)


Can anybody suggest a shop to go to (in Detroit area)? I won't have much time.


My backup-plan for the blasters / Magazines is ordering them to be delivered to the hotel via amazon.com


Also I need a replacement belt for my Overlord - a buddy ran his car over mine :-( - I was told to mail a check in US$, which I can't get from my Bank at home. Can someone just walk into a Bank in the US, give them 20$ in cash or by MasterCard and get a check that I can send by mail?

Small Shotgun Pistol Mod

24 April 2016 - 04:31 AM

I am in the first stage of creating a shotgun backup blaster.


I want to shoot 2 or 3 darts at a time from a quick draw backup to defend myself while reloading. Rough-Cut and Sledge-Fire provide that kind of firepower but are way too bulky for that.


My idea is to mod a Triad - or Rebelle Messenger or Rebelle Triology (90 ft range wtf?!) - basically a 3-shot smart-barrel blaster.


I read that people accidentialy turned their blaster into a "shotgun pistol" that "sucked" by messing up the smart barrel system. However, the System does - from what I have seen in concept drawings not to be that easy to "mess up properly" and I found no claims of performance.


If I understand it right, 3 small posts at the end of the barrel push down the lid to allow air to rush into the loaded barrel and at the same time close a valve, restricting the airflow to the consecutive barrels. After the dart is fired, the barrel seals itself and opens the airflow to reach the next barrel.


Question 1:

What would I have to do to allow maximum airflow? If I drill a hole in the barrel sealing lids or rip them out, I will have a single shot blaster, because the valve restricts air to barrel 2 and 3 that will not fire the second shot, because barrel 1 is open. Is there a smart or easy way to accomplish what I want to do? If I empty out all the moving parts, there will be a lot of "dead space" and I have a good chance of damaging it. So, what did you do to get a "shotgun" pistol?


Question 3:

The performance shouldn't be that bad? with a good seal, lubrication, spring-replacement... the recommended Triad spring replacement claims +60% range. A rough estimation would be 1/3 range (because it shoots 3 darts) * 1,6 (for the better spring)? That leaves a 75ft blaster with 40ft of range, quite enough if someone comes around your cover and a very high chance of hitting with a spread of 3 darts (like the sledge-fire), right?


If you help my struggling brain on question 1 and question 2 isn't utter nonsense, then I will do this mod and upload images / results here :-D

Modified shotgun-style backup... which one?

22 April 2016 - 03:01 AM


This is a 'which gun is best' type thread, as per the New Members Guide.  You have to put some thought into it and make your own decision. 


That having been said, I think you answered your own question.  The rough cut and sledgefire are too bulky to carry around as a backup and fire one-handed. 


Hi there,


I want a backup / secondary that I can just draw, point, hit quickly with in case something is wrong with my primary (BuzzBee Brute autofire flywheel blaster). Preferably something I can at least get the first shot off from without using both hands, no time delay speeding up anything electrical. Shooting several dars shotgun style so I don't have to try to aim too much in a quick-draw / quick shot situation.


The following things come to mind:


Option A:

Nerf Rough Cut, maybe modded to shoot 2x4 instead of 4x2? Quite bulky thing, but you can keep it primed, fire 4 darts (what's the range with a tuning spring on that?) and get your hands free and fire again.


Option B:

Nerf Sledgefire (shortened?). One shot, 3 darts, can keep it primed. As bulky as the Rough Cut. Reloads faster but no 2nd shot. Is the range better / worse than the Rough Cut? Had quite some fun with it when I borrowed one.


Option C:

Nerf triad shotgun Mod? Both of the above guns are huge and thinking of the short to medium range scenario, shooting multiple darts from a primed, small gun, the triad comes to mind. Obviously people turn it into a "shotgun pistol" by accident. What if you do it intentionally? Put in a better spring, make all 4 barrels shoot synchronized. Triad = small Rough Cut?


I do not own a Triad (yet), but what are your opinions on Option C? What is the performance with a stock spring if you (accidentially) turn your Triad into a shotgun? For the size and prize of a rough cut or sledge fire you can keep 2-3 of these in your pockets?


Thanks for your ideas :-D