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Ravenshot (Hammershot Carbine Conversion)

13 June 2016 - 04:06 PM

My first Nerf Mod... It is a Nerf Hammershot with a Demolisher Stock Integrated and a Modulus Scope
Two Washers places between the spring and the compressor
Teflon Tape to improve the seal in the Plunger Tube
Air Restrictor removed
Dart Pegs removed
Demolisher Stock Dremeled down to fit, then SteelStik to bond them together and smoothen out the transition
Paints: Raven Themed Paint Job
Rust-Oleum High Heat base
Unknown Brand Blue and Yellow
Didn't get to spend as much time on it as I had liked, because I had to finish it before June 3 and I could only work on it every 1st and 3rd weekend when not at Theatre Rehearsals, so it's not as good as I wish I could have gotten it
I chose the Demolisher Stock because it was the best I had at the time and couldn't afford to get another one
Yellow spots on the Scope are suppose to be the Eyes of the Raven
The Blue streaks are suppose to be the blue between the feathers, and I would have done it differently myself, but that is how the commissioner wanted it
The Wrapping on the Handle is a Wilson Brand Tennis Racket handle tape, this was used to make the grip more comfortable and make it look betterAttached File  S1150002.JPG   72.34KB   54 downloadsAttached File  S1150005.JPG   67.15KB   57 downloadsAttached File  S1150006.JPG   79.03KB   60 downloadsAttached File  S1150014.JPG   67.25KB   57 downloadsAttached File  S1150016.JPG   60.22KB   56 downloads