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Where can I find soft elite dart tip/head alternatives?

20 March 2016 - 05:47 PM

Recently I came across the foam darts at my local dollar tree. Each pack cost 1.00 + tax for 16 darts. So for about $20.00 you can get 360 darts and you don’t have to wait for shipping, the darts themselves are easy to find during sweeps and fit in stock pistols and other sidearms. The downside (at least for my crew of 5) is the dart heads don’t feed through flywheels or through magazines for that matter, because they are suction heads. I have tried to cut and reshape these heads as best I can with no luck, the foam itself is sturdy and is the EXACT SAME DIMENSIONS AS ELITE DARTS!!!.




 As well the heads are glued on with SERIOUSLY CHEAP glue so the damage to the foam from removing them is negligible. I even managed to recycle 4 dart heads (2 elite, 2 china knockoff elite from a 400 for $20 pack) by attaching them to the dollar tree dart foam. The 400 pack took over a month to arrive.




My question is this: does anyone know where I can buy elite style dart tips/heads (no foam) in bulk?

BEFORE ANY OF YOU SUGGEST MAKING DART TIPS. I do not have any sort of work station or ventilated area where I can use calk or silicone without risking my health. I rent a tiny room with tiny windows in a basement. I refuse to use stefans because I nerf with my fiancee and I could not live with myself if I caused her to bleed or have welts (we play for fun & exercise, not to be “hardcore” or “super realistic”) so no hot glue dome’s, no washers, no bb’s, no fishing weights. If you are going to suggest a homemade dart recipe the only tools i can use are gorilla glue hot glue and whatever the dart head will be made out of. I have searched here for other types of dart tips but the best options I found were of stores that are no longer in service or are too far for me and my crew to pay shipping from (lost my job last week). I like these darts and sticking with elite style darts because we only do basic mods to our blasters at this time. None of us make all that much money so modding longshots with brass barrels and buying special magazines that feed stefan/micro darts is a stretch goal at best. Crafting a homemade primary blaster is something I will go for …after I find a new job, (right now, if I mess up that’s a waste of money). Please be kind with your replies, thanks.