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Wire for Modifications

26 April 2016 - 10:32 AM

Hey everyone. I am planning on learning new skills with sodering and rewiring my first Stryfe. I have spent some time on the web looking for what gauge wire to use. It seemas like there is alot of variety in modders choices. So I decided to come to the forums where I can question people and learn from there answers.  I need know what gauge other people use for a complete rewire before I start buying materials. I'm not sure if this is a factor or not so I'll say it anyway just in case. I am planning on using trustfires instead of a lipo at first.(I know,I know, nobody likes trustfires and they are so much worse than lipos. I currently do not have the money to buy a lipo and chargers and so forth. I will also either use the stock motors or some other motor that is relatively cheap. I think that covers it. Also is there a difference between IMRs and Trustfires? Thank you all for your help!


P.S- If i did anything wrong by posting or in my post, please tell me. I want to learn from my mistakes. Thanks!