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In Topic: Nerf Rival Zeus "CronOS" Mod (Semi Auto, Reboud, Burst, and Fu

23 June 2016 - 10:13 PM

Hi Everyone,


This is my first post and I'm new with Nerf Modding, electronics, and using the Arduino in general.


My goal is to mod the Rival to be like the "CronOS" with almost the same functionality without the quick-fire mode. In addition, I want to include an ammo counter.


Attached is a schematic that I have created with all the parts and wiring. Can someone please take a look if I have all the wiring correct if I'm missing any resistors or other parts. I just want to make sure this schematic is feasible and don't want any parts to burn out or have the battery leaking out.


Thanks for taking a look. Hope to hear from you soon.