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16 February 2016 - 10:06 AM

Hey hey hey, it's me again back with exciting news for you Neon. There is not going to be an HvZ at OSU this year but there's one happening in TCC this march. It's hosted by a group of people known as Christians in Action and they are just getting approval to host HvZ here. While they are still trying to get approval for nerf guns? They have the full approval to host it with rolled up socks and duct tape. This is at the Southeast TCC campus. I'll edit this post and give any news as I find it. 


Quick edit while I thought about it: This is going to be a great opportunity to find nerfers around Tulsa in general if we get Nerf Gun priveledges on campus. Just wait, this event could lead into major nerf wars happening in our area with the rise in popularity of nerf stuff. 

In Topic: HvZ locales

08 February 2016 - 09:48 PM

Honestly, as a fellow Oklahoman, I can't say it will happen again. State laws have changed to where we can't have -anything- that resembles guns on a campus. If you read the student manuals for a lot of colleges you will see specific ones like OSU have a -very specific- ban on Nerf blasters. They list the Nerf Brand by name and though it was fun, since the new rule changes I doubt there will be another HvZ here for a while. If anything were to happen nerf-related around Oklahoma, well it'd have to be hosted at a park or something. 


I signed up for Nerf Haven just to find a war around Tulsa but that lead to some research into it, needless to say I am always up for a nerf war anywhere near Tulsa.