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Clear Shot/Stormfire: Seal Improvement & Spring Swap

13 March 2016 - 03:47 PM

So I had a Clear Shot, and it was terrible (read: Crap Shot). Anyway, I had a spare NF spring, a screwdriver. and a bit of teflon tape. Now it's much better.



  • Cup to hold your screws
  • Nite Finder spring or the equivalent
  • Teflon tape
  • Philips Head Screwdriver
  • Table
  • Stormfire/Clear Shot

Step One

The Subject Before Surgery:

Attached File  IMG_0297.JPG   120.73KB   77 downloads


Lay the blaster on the table and start unscrewing the screws. (Note:They are of varying size, so be careful.)

There's a screw here:

Attached File  IMG_0298.JPG   95.18KB   73 downloads

and some hidden ones in the priming slide:

Attached File  IMG_0299.JPG   97.81KB   73 downloads

Once you have them all out, remove the one half of the shell.


Step Two

Internals shot:

Attached File  IMG_0302.JPG   150.75KB   67 downloads


Remove the plunger rod assembly (the gray part with the spring on it):

Attached File  IMG_0303.JPG   117.59KB   66 downloads


Now, unscrew the plunger head from the plunger rod and take it apart. It should look like this:

Attached File  IMG_0306.JPG   140.55KB   94 downloads


Ignore that for a second.

Take your new spring out. Then, pull off the old spring and put the new one on in its place.


Go back to your plunger head. Take the bottom piece and wrap a bit of teflon tape around it, then replace the o-ring where it was:

Attached File  IMG_0307.JPG   103.72KB   72 downloads


Put everything back together and enjoy!




N/A (I'll add ranges when the weather here is a bit nicer).

Rapidstrike battery upgrade questions

21 February 2016 - 06:42 PM

So, a friend family member fellow nerfer got his butt handed to him by yours truly with a stock Demolisher.

He wanted better full-auto, which leads naturally to LiPos.


A few questions before we go buy and install the batteries and unleash the beast upon an unsuspecting sister of mine wall:


1.Where would we buy the aforementioned LiPos (I prefer physical stores because we don't have to wait for shipping)?

2.What is the dart destruction rate (i.e. x/100 destroyed)?*

3.Is it just like installing regular batteries, or do we need to do other stuff?



Anyone who knows this, can you please say?







*And by destroyed I mean rendered completely unusable in any foam dart shooting blaster.