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Raven Full Auto Mod Help

04 July 2016 - 07:15 PM

I am trying to make my raven full auto, but my motor is not strong enough to push the arm and return spring forward. I have it geared for torque but it still doesn't have enough. What motor out on the market has the most torque?

Rhino motors

21 February 2016 - 11:27 PM

Does any one know if this battery NiMH Battery Pack: 12V 1600mAh NiMH Battery (10x2/3A flat ) Packs EDF would work with rhino motors. I can't find any thing about the current and I don't want to use a lipo or trustfires, just good old NiMH.

Nerf rapidstrike parts

17 February 2016 - 12:00 AM

Does any one know were I can find a rapidstrike pusher arm by itself, I thought I saw one on Amazon but I re looked and could not find any thing and does any one know the diameter of the little wheel that spins thats under the pusher arm to push it forward? Sorry if its confusing.

Retaliator flashlight grip

04 February 2016 - 07:12 PM

Picture write up. You have this modded strife your going to take to a laser tag arena. You want a retaliator fore grip but you need a flashlight. What are you going to do, put the flashlight on the top tac rail or get rid of the grip, well I present to you, my very own tactical flashlight grip.

Attached File  P1030267.JPG   132.68KB   110 downloads

List of things you will need.


Retaliator fore-grip

Nerf tactical flashlight thing, I will post a pic

Dremle with cutting and sanding heads

Soldering iron





Triple A LED batt holder that holds 3 batts

Electrical tape 

and a flywheel activator switch


Attached File  P1030271.JPG   167.53KB   120 downloads

This is the flashlight I used

Open the light up and gut it

Attached File  P1030276.JPG   116.04KB   105 downloads

Cut the flashlight out from the switch and batt holder, and set it a side.

Next, take your grip and open it up. Bring out the dremle and cut the screw column out and sand it.

Attached File  P1030282.JPG   175.5KB   96 downloads

Attached File  P1030284.JPG   118.16KB   91 downloads

Next, cut out a spot for your switch

Attached File  P1030292.JPG   135.83KB   101 downloads

Attached File  P1030290.JPG   105.69KB   99 downloads

Next,cut out a hole for your switch, their is a lot of guessing in this step.

Attached File  P1030294.JPG   104.61KB   96 downloads

Then test fit it.

Attached File  P1030287.JPG   105.21KB   102 downloads

Once it fits nicely, take it out and take the light module and test to see were you want it.

Attached File  P1030307.JPG   118.78KB   102 downloads

Attached File  P1030269.JPG   41.11KB   103 downloads

Make sure it won't interfere with the black tac point.

Once you figure out where, drill the holes and make sure its right, then drill a tiny hole right behind for the wire. Hook every up and hot glue the light in. I cut off the other pegs and sanded them down

Attached File  P1030280.JPG   50.25KB   110 downloads

Attached File  P1030298.JPG   89.12KB   99 downloads

Attached File  P1030269.JPG   41.11KB   103 downloads

That what it should look like

Attached File  P1030316.JPG   133.61KB   98 downloads

Test time.

Attached File  P1030321.JPG   71.95KB   97 downloads

If you have any questions leave a reply.

Cheap China Knockoff Darts

20 January 2016 - 06:35 PM

Today, I got some Cheap China Knockoff Darts,CCKD, from amazon, and I am here to tell if their good or not Lot 100 Pcs 7.2cm I think these are the ones. They came in a envelope like package and were in 10 packs.The diameter is a little bigger then the norms, in springers they have a tighter fit. With the bigger diameter you can only fit 17 in the elite 18 round mags, 18 in the old 18 round stampede mags and they also work in the 18 round drum. The foam is harder then the elites ones but the tips on these aren't solid like some other ones are. Works well in my retaliator which is modded, no grinding. I think their a little bit more accurate but you can decide that. I recommend to use them in springers before the flywheels because when I used them in my modded raven, 3 jammed up out of 36 darts. The pistols work really well too. Do I recommend them, if you have a lot of money, I would just buy the elites, but if you need a lot then these are a good replacement. I will keep posting about them when I have wars, they really get tested then.