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Hervey Bay(Australia) Monthly Nerf Wars

03 January 2016 - 05:58 PM

Hey Guys.

I am starting to host monthly nerf wars in my area.

I understand that there will not be many nerfers from Australia here but I hope to get the word out about these wars.



The first Sunday of every month starting February

1pm - 4pm



Apex Park Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia (Just put everything because not many people know Hervey Bay)

Phone Directions: Search Apex Park Hervey Bay into google maps

Gps directions: Enter Stephenson St Hervey Bay into your Gps


What to bring

At least 2 primary blasters

Lots of darts. I generally take triple the amount I know I will use in a round.

Bring money if you want something to eat, there are quite a few options around the corner and across the road.

Lots and lots of water! There is a bubbler but it is generally warm.


Dart and blaster rules


Stock darts are allowed

FVJ darts are allowed

Voberry darts are allowed

Slugs are allowed

Glue domes are not allowed

Anything other than what I have said is not allowed


Stock blasters are allowed

Light to moderate mods on stock blasters is allowed

Heavily modified stock blasters must be reviewed by an admin

Homemade blasters must be reviewed by an admin


General rules

Gameplay rules will be explained at the war

If you are not following rules you will be warned and then asked to leave

I hope I don't need to explain all of this kind of stuff, I do not want to ask someone to leave or something along those lines



If anyone is interested and is in the land of drop bears, please pm me or respond to this topic regarding attendance.

Thanks, NinjaNerf22

Nerfers in South East Queensland Australia

21 December 2015 - 03:42 PM

Hey guys,
I am going to host nerf wars in South East Queensland Australia and want to know if there are any nerfers around this area. The playing fields will be in Hervey Bay as that is closer to me and a couple of my nerfing mates. It will be the first Saturday of each month and is 1pm - 4pm. All game types will be played and all blasters are allowed with the exception of some homemades that will need to be inspected before the games start. If anyone is in the area and interested please respond so I can have a look at numbers (I want at least 12 people so I need a few more).

K26 spring unavailable in Australia

19 December 2015 - 04:43 PM

Hey everyone.
I was wondering if there is any way to obtain a [k26] spring in Australia. McMaster do not ship to Australia and they are not available anywhere else. Is there any other way? Thanks.