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My version of the Gunputer

27 October 2017 - 12:29 PM

So, I met a friend who is a wizard with electronics and I brought him to a war. Long story short he fell in love with the rayven and because I pretty much gave him a laptop he offered to provide materials for my blaster and assist with modding it. So far we have the Picaxe In the stock controlling the display and we will soon have it controlling brushless motors reading motor rpm, fps (using ir beams in the barrel), battery life, ammo counter( haven't decided to use reed switches, physical switches or a color system using lights and darks to tell magazine size), and really anything else I can think off because we have a massive amount of headroom with the electronics but not too much in the physical sense. we might remedy that by buying a 3d printer and extending the stock (if we do that then well make it full auto too with fire mode selector) were gonna need a 3d printer regardless to print the cage for the brushless outrunners (probably going to be turnigy 2627 3800kv motors) Were gonna use these motors because there is already an open source rapid strike cage that we should be able to modify to the rayven. If you have any suggestions or questions please comment or inquire. (sorry mods if you see this as a thread that needed to be put in modification and paintjob pictures) and needs to be put in the sharing thread I see it as more of a request for experience and to help others trying to do something similar)

now for the pictures  :P






Singled Recon writeup

12 February 2016 - 07:51 PM

Hello, everyone. This is my first writeup on how to single a Recon with CPVC. I did this because i was bored after school.


Tools needed:

Dremel with cutting wheel, grinding/sanding bits


Hot glue gun with hotglue (I would have used Plumber's Goop or epoxy but i'm impatient)




A Recon 

4 Inches of CPVC

Teflon tape

Lubricant of choice ( I used white lithium grease)



Step 1: 

Take apart your Recon and remove the air restrictor and locks.


Get your Dremel with a cutting wheel and cut the plunger thingy here or 2 inches from the bump thingy (i don't know the official name so i'm gonna call it a plunger sled)

Attached File  20160212_190459.jpg   90.01KB   95 downloads



Step 2: 

Get your Dremel with a grinding/sanding bit and grind down at your CPVC and/or your plunger sled (the inside of it) until the CPVC can fit into the plunger sled then using a adhesive (I used hot glue) to secure the CPVC. MAKE SURE IT IS STRAIGHT


Step 3:

Cut the nub that the bolt sled attaches to the plunger sled off and glue it to your CPVC (about 1/4 of a inch (if a fourth of an inch doesn't work then use a half inch) from the end of the CPVC) while making sure that the CPVC is centered by attaching the bolt sled and eyeballing it while adjusting the bolt sled location.

Wait for the glue or adhesive to dry. Ream out the CPVC.

Attached File  20160212_183927.jpg   45.75KB   91 downloads


Step 4: 

Remove the dart tooth and cut the barrel attachment so that it looks like this. Shorten the trigger

Attached File  20160212_184152.jpg   61.2KB   93 downloads


Step 5: 

Use either a Dremel or band saw to cut the shell so it looks like this.

Attached File  20160212_184105.jpg   57.54KB   93 downloads


Step 6: (optional)
do any optional mods like a power stock or spring replacment.



When done it should look like this.

Attached File  20160212_184238.jpg   111.18KB   92 downloads


Ranges with stock spring:

About 60 feet with a FVJ



Comments? Questions? Flames?

Epoxy putty on stryfly

21 January 2016 - 04:28 PM

Hello I was wondering if I should use more epoxy putty for smoothing and gap filling on my stryfly. I was also wondering if my colors would look nice to others. The paints i want to use are a dark purple with virbrant blue details.

Any Nerfers in the Phenix City/Columbus Georgia area?

19 January 2016 - 09:37 AM

I was wondering if there are any Nerfers other than me in the Phenix City Alabama or Columbus Georgia area

Stampede motor gear replacement

15 January 2016 - 09:46 AM

I had gotten a stampede from a friend and was modding so I came up with the brilliant idea of adding a retaliator spring to it. Long story short I messed up the gear on my motor after about 3 shots. I was wondering if anyone had a file for a 3D printer of the stampede gear and/or a place to find a replacement

(Wasn't sure where this went so I put here don't ban me plz)