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16 October 2015 - 08:19 PM

I think I would stick with store bought ones as I totally have no experience in dealing with stuffs like these.

I saw these batteries as well.


Nominal Voltage: 1.5 Volts
Max Discharge: 3.0 Amps Continuous
(single battery only) 5.0 Amps Pulse (2 sec on / 8 sec off)
Max Rev Current: 2 uA
Lithium Content: Less than 1 gram
Typical IR: 60 to 210 milliohms (depending on method)

Is this suitable? I have a few dummy batteries as well.

Could you tell me if the motors I have used are not suitable for Nerfs or should I rewire?

In Topic: Stryfe Resistor

16 October 2015 - 02:02 PM

Actually the motor voltage (2.4-3.0) is for 1 motor. So with 2 my motor voltage should be 4.8 - 6.0

So my logic on changing to the spare Tamiya motors I had around is if it 1 single motor is able to run by 2 alkaline batteries, so 2 motors should be able to run by 4 alkaline batteries? As Mini 4WD motors are direct contact with batteries with no resistors or thermistors.

This is what I'm using now:



So with the configuration of 2 motors combine it should be:

Voltage(V) - 4.8-6.0
Torque (nM-m) - 3.0-4.0
RPM(r/min) - 24000-28600
Current (A) - 2.6-3.4

So in order to play safe, I'm thinking of getting Energizer rechargeable batteries.



In Topic: Stryfe Resistor

16 October 2015 - 09:02 AM

Now I've bought 2 Trustfire TR14500 1200mAH 3.7V and 2 dummy batteries. Tried on my blaster with the motors I've installed, now the rev is pretty high and the smell got worse.

So my configuration is:

Stock wires with twisted thermistors.

Tamiya Hyper Dash 2 x 2
Voltage(V) - 2.4-3.0
Torque (nM-m) - 1.5-2.0
RPM(r/min) - 12000-14300
Current (A) - 1.3-1.7

Trustfire TR14500 1200mAH 3.7V x 2
Dummy battery x 2

Is my configuration capable of making anything explode? I've read about pretty bad stuffs about Trustfires. And should I use a Energizer charger to charge the Trustfires? Here's what written on the back of the charger.

Input AC220V - 240V 50/60HZ BW
Output DC 2.8V=260 - 300mA (AAx2)
DC 2.8V=120 - 150mA (AAAx2)

In Topic: Stryfe Resistor

15 October 2015 - 07:47 PM

If by AA batteries you mean like Energizer, Duracell, etc that you buy from the grocery store...none will work with your current motors. You'd be better off going back to stock motors.

If you want added performance while using AAs, about the only thing that might work a little better are RM2 motors. The only batteries you should use with these are four AA batteries.

2 notes on RM2s:
1. Even running them on four AA batteries, they are prone to breaking.
2. They give some performance gain over stock motors, but not a ton.

I might be using the wrong name, I meant cell battries. Could you reccomend some that are suitable for my motors?

In Topic: Stryfe Resistor

15 October 2015 - 08:36 AM

I'm not sure if the motors are "weaker" or "stronger" but you're powering them waaaay wrong.

Tamiya motors require low voltage (~3 Volts) and high current.

You are providing too much voltage and way too little current by using AAs. A lack of current will reduce torque, and more torque is what you need to get the flywheels back up to speed quickly between shots.

You may be able to make the motors usable by switching to an a single IMR rechargeable battery.

However I think that using a 1S (3.7 volt) LiPo, 1S (3.3 Volt) LiFePO4, or 2S-3S (2.4-3.6 Volt) NiMH/NiCd battery pack might actually be what you need.

LiPos can be dangerous if mis-handled. LiFePO4 is safer. NiMH or NiCd is safest. You can order NiMH packs off of cheapbatterypacks.com. Here is an example of what you might want (at 3S). Again, you could do 2 cells (2S) instead of 3. You can change the type of plug and cell configuration if you'd like. Leave the wire at 14gauge, and I'd suggest staying with a sub-c ("SC") cell for better current.

Note: You'll need a charger for any of the discussed options.


Thanks for the recommendations, but I'm still very confused with tall the short terms. Since I'm still very new to modding nerfs I would like to stick to AA batteries. Are you able to advise which AAs I should get with my build?