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Stryfe Mag Release Extender

19 April 2016 - 05:08 PM

Hi Folks! Today I wanted to get an extended mag release button for my stryfe, but I didn't want to pay a lot for shipping from Hobby Mods. So I made a nice little homemade one! I'm pretty sure someone has done this, but I wanted this to be here for reference. So I present to you, my homemade Stryfe extended mag release button. (I'm not sure if you can do this with other stryfe style mag release blasters, but I'll check on that.)


So this is what mag release looks like.


Attached File  IMG_5717.JPG   115.8KB   96 downloads


So Start out with your Stock mag release stryfe

Attached File  IMG_5718.JPG   110.32KB   94 downloads


Open up your stryfe. (This stryfe is my old modded one)

Attached File  IMG_5719.JPG   122.54KB   99 downloads


We will be focusing on this area right here. This is the mag release.

Attached File  IMG_5720.JPG   103.57KB   98 downloads


Take out that screw and take these two pieces out.

Attached File  IMG_5721.JPG   92.08KB   95 downloads


We do not need this piece. You can put this in your extra parts bin.

Attached File  IMG_5722.JPG   105.79KB   101 downloads


Now take this Mechanical Dart Lock out.

Attached File  IMG_5723.JPG   99.53KB   100 downloads


This is what it looks like.

Attached File  IMG_5726.JPG   65.68KB   96 downloads


Remove the spring on it. And Trash or keep it. 

Attached File  IMG_5728.JPG   71.65KB   98 downloads


Now you are left with this.

Attached File  IMG_5730.JPG   77.19KB   98 downloads


Cut this small nub off with a dremel and some other cutting tool. 

Attached File  IMG_5732.JPG   81.13KB   96 downloads


Now grab the other piece of the mag release we had before.

Attached File  IMG_5734.JPG   94.82KB   96 downloads


Add your choice of adhesive to the green spot. (I used hot glue, but you can use something stronger)

Attached File  IMG_5737.JPG   68.85KB   99 downloads


This is what it should look like after

Attached File  IMG_5741.JPG   88.43KB   96 downloads


Now place it back into the stryfe

Attached File  IMG_5742.JPG   95.27KB   99 downloads


Put the screw back on

Attached File  IMG_5743.JPG   86.84KB   98 downloads


Finally, put the other half of the shell back on and screw the stryfe back together.

Attached File  IMG_5744.JPG   116.01KB   101 downloads




And there we have it, the homemade, cheap extended mag release! This is my first writeup, so I would like any kind of feedback. Thank You!

Longstrike Berserker Question

18 January 2016 - 10:51 PM

I am interested in making a Longstrike with a Berserker Tank like NoMs'.  I have a question about the Brass Breeching system. Does he have a 19/32 piece of brass with a 9/16 brass in it on the front part of the longstrike where he has cut a hole? Because when he is showing how easy it is to load (at 0:29 in the video) he does not have the barrel attachment with the 17/32 piece of brass on the longstrike. Also how does he mechanically fasten the brass in the barrel attachment at the tip without interrupting the brass tubing(Shown in Drac's video at 1:55)? Thanks.