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Quality voberry darts

28 June 2016 - 11:21 PM

I've got a job working at an indoor nerf arena as a proshop tech and I need some help y'all. Currently the company uses FVJs as their default dart, but we get a lot of complaints about shots hurting even with our barely modded rental guns. The company tried one brand of Voberry darts and they sucked, so I'm asking y'all this: which seller has quality, durable voberry darts? Or a similar replacement. Thanks for the help y'all!

Need help with air max 1 integration

04 November 2015 - 07:03 PM

So first a little preface, this is my first integration ever. I decided to make a strayven which while not pretty was fairly simple, but then I decided to integrate the little air gun to give me a single shot "anti-blowgun" option as where I play (an indoor arena called dart warz) blowguns are King. So I read some mod guides and followed coops strayven guide, which is a bit harder without a bandsaw. Now for some reason the air tank isn't holding any pressure.

I pump it up and I can hear the piston in the tank sliding forward, not sealing, and sliding back in time with the stroke of the pump. So either the tanks screwed (it worked before modding), or the blast button isn't performing the role of one way valve. Suggestions on fixing the issue of at least isolating it? I'm praying the blast button isn't the issue, JB Weld sucks to remove. Pics as soon as I get to my comp.

Pumps OPV is plugged with hot glue.
Havent found a leak yet, about to use some soapy water to look for any.
All I did to the tank is cut down the front to remove the dart peg.

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Elite Longshot discussion thread

17 October 2015 - 02:33 PM

To those who may not have heard yet, the longshot is back. Complete with front gun! The packaging I have seen online says it is a toys r us exclusive for the time being. With the "Elite" name added to it do we know what if anything has changed from the zombie strike repaint?