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Petg 3d printing! Make your own tubes and catches with super stron

16 May 2016 - 06:22 AM

Why hello there boy and girls of the internet and nerf fans all around. Im sure you know that most writeups here on the 'haven use the imperial system and not metric. So how are other people from other countries supposed to make NIC blasters? Well they cant really unless they get special orders or get it from a US distributer! But this is where a new finding comes in! 3d printing filament made of petg. It is super strong and flexible and can survive the pressure from a fully grown male with just a bit of flex.


These rolls are cheap only being at around 20$ a roll. And it doesn't matter how high your 3d printer can print because you can buy a cheap 5$ soldering iron to melt it together. Its best temperature is at 245 celsius. It comes in all different colors. Here is the clear petg on amazon all you do is look up esun petg. http://www.amazon.co...aw/d/B00PQD7GRQ

Cheap clear pvc

05 May 2016 - 05:44 PM

I found a huge warehourse for really cheap petg or clear pvc. 1 1/4 in id is only 4$ a foot and 1/2 is only $0.52. It is a bit stronger than average petg so dont rant about how weak it is.


noobs strayven overhaul no imrs or lipos

20 March 2016 - 05:12 PM

Hi as an intro I should say this is great for younger audiences it is super easy and fun to do.

Here is how to make a strayven or any integration the easy way. Note this is just the first part I am not done I will be showing how to do the bondo this Friday.

So I had a gutted ray even and a stryfe both not performing at peak so I decided to make a strayven. But this strayven doesn't take imrs it takes 7 aas and a wire soldered at each end to act as a dummy battery. So noobs can get an overhaul without having to invent money in expensive lipos and chargers.

So first Your going to gut your blasters.
Attached File  image.jpeg   228.41KB   134 downloads

Next line your blasters up. This is so you know where to cut.
Attached File  image.jpeg   178.52KB   118 downloads

Now draw lines that are visible for cutting
Attached File  image.jpeg   222.96KB   115 downloads

Now go ahead chop that baby up!
Attached File  image.jpeg   199.55KB   118 downloads
Attached File  image.jpeg   200.81KB   132 downloads

Now line up the shells and hot glue them together temporarily. BUT MAKE SURE TO DO EACH HALF SEPARATE OR CUT THE MIDDLE AFTERWARDS OTHERWISE IT WONT WORK!
Attached File  image.jpeg   232.83KB   134 downloads

Now install internals but make sure to wire up the battery trays in series( bring negative wire from Raven shell and attach that to motor than attach the positive from the Raven to the negative on the stryfe, than from the positive on the stryf to the rev switch than to the motor housing.
Attached File  image.jpeg   172.43KB   132 downloads

Now put the two halves back together and you are done with part one.


Attached File  post-122764-0-34716600-1459459975_thumb.jpeg   62.11KB   122 downloads

Get that bondo out

Attached File  post-122764-0-12806300-1459460021_thumb.jpeg   54.16KB   123 downloads
That little dot is all the hardener you need.


Attached File  post-122764-0-56530400-1459460139_thumb.jpeg   69.97KB   125 downloads
Now apply the bondo. Go as heavy as you please just know you have to sand it down afterwords.

Sand it down paint it and you are all ready to go. I'll post mine once I am done painting it.

Great Long Island war park and possible war

31 January 2016 - 08:34 AM

Hello fellow nerfers! I was in the car driving by Ricky point and I found a great place for a Long Island nerf war, call rolling oaks. If anyone is interested in maybe going to a war I would happily host it.

Any nerf wars during break on long island

03 January 2016 - 08:33 PM

Just as the title says is there any need wars on the upcoming breaks on Long Island or within 2 hours driving distance of stony brook university? Look for wars within
These dates:

Feb 13-21

Mar 24-28

Apr 25-29

Thanks for reading please reply to this if there will be a war during this time. There is a small possibility I might make a war during one of those weeks I would need you to let me know if you would go to this if I did have one so I would know if it is worth it. Thank you!