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06 May 2019 - 05:16 AM

I didn't think I'd ever get this one finished, but I managed to scrape together enough pennies to buy some flat black acrylic for the grime wash. Huzzah! Anyway...

May I introduce Anti-intestinal Fortitude!


A Nerf Mega Doublebreach painted in my usual style of dilapidated hot-rod-esqueness.


Aftermarket graphics, of course...


...and for something different, a water droplet mask for that odd-looking polkadot effect. It seemed to work okay, so I might end up using it again on something else.

Nothing internal to speak of, no-one in here except us chickens.

In Topic: Modification and Paintjob Pictures

31 March 2019 - 11:44 PM

2019 is the year that one of my all-time favourite movies, Bladerunner, is set, so what better time to do a nerf tribute to Bladerunner?

So here it is, the Hammershot Bladerunner 2019 Edition.


The only Hammershot I've done with different detailing both sides


There's a bunch of stuff missing due to practical considerations, but I've added things too, so it balances out... kinda.


Whereas I enhanced the look of the strap/buckle decoration on one side, on the other I removed it entirely and replaced it with an adjustment knob and a wiring loom. I removed the tank from under the cylinder and used styrene sheet backed with epoxy glue to fill the support-arm holes. I also removed the bandages on the grip as usual, but also infilled the notch.


After all the fun with the epoxy putty, I had a little left over, so i worked away on some extra bits, the hammer got a lengthening, the bolt-lever was enhanced to give it a similar curve to the screen-prop, and some extra lines were cut into the shell with files.


While I had the rotary tool fired up, I decided to do an ejection slot. Note that it's not big enough for Megas (something I hope to address in V.2). I found a bunch of greeblies in my parts box and bunged those on as well; no LEDs or switches though (see note re. V.2). The fake screws were all replaced with rubber grommets left over from my Zoids era.

I could regail you with the trials and tribulations of epoxy putty, paint and masking tape, but there's another thread around here somewhere for that. Suffice to say, It came out okay after a somewhat shakey showing in the mid-stages.

Hope you like it and thanks for looking :)

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01 March 2019 - 10:54 PM

Triple post! I just know I'm gonna get in trouble for this soon...

My February project ran a little over thanks to my exhibition taking up a bit of time, but better late than never.

Introducing The Thumper, a custom-painted Nerf Switch Shot EX-3. No internal mods, but its simplicity means that upgrades could easily be implemented at a moment's notice.


Or another barrel could be acquired to allow different strength shots dependent on the situation. Several could be modified to fire different darts, multiples, etc. and carried like magazines, but this is another project for another time...

A fun wee blaster to paint, it's barrel-separation mechanism makes it easy to work a multitude of colours into it.


I had a bit of trouble trying to get paint to stick to the priming handle, so there's a spot or two to cover up later. I sanded, washed and primed it, but the primer stripped off entirely, so I went back and started on it again, but then primed it with an etching automotive primer. This seemed to work, so I continued over the top of it. It wasn't until I was removing the liquid mask that a hole began to appear. I pulled the edges away until it stopped peeling, so it seems that it's just the one spot where the etching didn't take. I might just put a wrap of some sort over it to hide it... I've test fired it a number of times, and the priming handle's bar hasn't shown any wear at all so far, which is odd, but hey - way to go etch primer!

Hope you like it - thanks for looking :)

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23 January 2019 - 08:16 PM

Sorry about the double-post, but it can't really be helped...

May I introduce my latest relic, a scavenged ex-service blaster I have dubbed "The Rearranginator".


Same ol' rust technique I've done dozens of times but with an extra wash on the bare metal parts just to see what would happen; a new antique leather technique I've been playing around with; and just for fun, some hand-painted graffiti, because when you find a blaster in the post-apoc wasteland, the first thing you do is personalize it ;)


...and some cool news - I have an exhibition of my customized Nerf collection opening next week at a little gallery called PhotonFlux here in Wellington, NZ. It'll open on the 29th of this month and run for 2 weeks. If you're down in this neck of the woods, drop on in and have a look.


In Topic: Modification and Paintjob Pictures

07 December 2018 - 07:15 PM

I'm knee-deep into a Hyperfire mod at the moment, but it's slow going... I needed to do something quick and fun in the interim, and so I present:

The Nitefinder Oxidizer.


The Fallout look was not a conscious decision - it just came out that way due to the colour choice.

The corrosion is a bit different to my usual technique in that I didn't do a rust base - I was going for an oxidized aluminium appearance, so the rock salt went on over the top of the stainless steel base and then coated with a light dusting of white, more salt, then the blue on top of that.


...and it has a party trick! Before I rinsed the salt away, I added one more layer of paint - Rustoleum's glow-in-the-dark enamel spray. Interestingly, it's semi transparent with a very slight greenish tinge to it, so it doesn't affect the colour underneath at all really. And it has the added bonus of acting like a clear-coat, protecting the paint underneath - neato!


So in true Fallout style, it's irradiated too - experimentation bonus FTW!