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In Topic: What water gun to mod

04 August 2016 - 10:15 PM

The new Buzz Bee Water Warriors Gargantua uses an elastic bladder like the old SS Hydro Cannon, which is a beast.


I thought about modding mine but just waited for the BB Destiny to come out, uses the same type of elastic bladder.

In Topic: New to Modding, need help

14 January 2016 - 08:50 PM

Any tips and/or any other form of help would be very much appreciated


Rewiring the Stryfe is pretty simple if you have the proper material. I prefer Foam Data Services Stryfe guide.


My best advice is to get a nice soldering iron/station and learn to use it effectively. Take an hour and practice tinning some wires. If you don't have any spare wire, use the crap wire that you cut out of your stryfe.


Have you decided on a battery type? Are you planning on upgrading motors?


Good luck on your first adventure.

In Topic: Cool Nerf Gun Tricks!

14 January 2016 - 08:39 PM

If you do the smoke trick, won't it gum up the gun after a couple shots.


I shot only a half dozen flour darts from my Jolt and yeah it was gummed up on the inside of the barrel. I've lubed my Jolt with lithium grease when I bought it, so it may have more lube than most factory blasters, so YMMV.

In Topic: Nerf Rivals Canada

25 September 2015 - 09:29 AM

would you recommend either?

Depends on your use. They are more accurate than darts but the HIR rounds lose a ton of speed due to air resistance.

I'd recommend the Apollo, it shoots harder, is cheaper, and doesn't require any batteries. You can always buy a 12 round mag and put it in the Apollo.

But it sure is fun firing off 12 rounds with the Zues, so effortless to just pull a trigger.

In Topic: Nerf Shotgun?

17 September 2015 - 08:08 PM

I do want to make a gun that will shoot a fare amount of darts.

I know you say you want a nerf, but have you seen the new BoomCo Burstwave? Sound about what your looking for, maybe mod it to shoot nerf darts. I'd like to see that. :)