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Armageddon Music?

09 June 2005 - 04:22 AM

Does anyone know where I can get the second track from the armageddon 2003 video, the one that sounds like the old tetris music?

Stupid Gun Design

13 April 2005 - 07:11 PM

Hey all,
Why do they make guns stupidly? I mean in such a way that their range or power is ridiculously restricted and they have no chance of making the ranges advertised on the box?
Case in point: the First Shot. This gun doesn't actually have a barrel, instead it has a hollow peg that you fit the darts over. Nothing wrong with that really, till you look at the end of the peg. It has a great big "T"-shaped orange air restrictor, this makes the gun pretty much unusable since almost no air ends up getting through, which is a real shame given how nice the internals are.
But restriction is fair enough, we dont want kids shooting their eyes out, what's stupid is the restrictor damages the darts. Yep, tears chunks of foam out of them with its badly-designed T-ishness. This just strikes me as dumb, why on earth would you sell a product that not only vastly under-performs the printing on the damn box because you crippled it, but will actually render itself unusable over time?

If anyone has another example of stupid gun design please post it up.

Tek Ten Single Barrel Mod

05 March 2005 - 05:44 PM

Why mod a turret gun to a single barrel you may ask? Because my 2-gun arsenal sucks and I wanted to that's why.

Okay let's get started, sorry about the lack of pictures, if I find my damn digital camera I'll add them in later.

First open the gun up, making sure you get the screw under the cocking handle. What you should see is the internals of a basic spring gun: A plunger with a spring on it going into a tube that almost touches the back of the turret. There's also a large piece of plastic that rotates the turret when you cock, if you want to you can take this out however I think it plays a small role in keeping the pluner tube where it's meant to be. Either way leaving it in can't do any harm. The gun is cocked when you pull back the grey thing on top because a bit of metal on it goes through the plunger shaft.

Now undo the screw holding the plunger tube in place, get a dremel/knife/flamethrower and get rid of both the screw hole on the nozzle and the tab that steadies the tube.
You'll notice the nozzle has a white rubber insert, this is to direct airflow better into the tiny barrels of the turret. I read a mod writeup where someone drilled this out, that's stupid. Just poke a kebab skewer up the back of the tube and you can pop it out and save for later in case you want to change the gun back.

Now you're ready for a new barrel. Epoxy/hot glue/tape a barrel of your choice to the plunger tube. Doesn't really matter how you do it so long as the nozzle ends up inside the barrel.

You now have to dremel away enough of the shell to allow your new barrel to poke out the front of the gun, try to take away no more than you have to. I didn't have a dremel so I resorted to a fretsaw and some wire cutters, took forever and made a damn big mess.

If you feel inclined to do a spring stretch then unscrew the plunger and do so. Then put everything back together (minus the turret which you should've removed by now.) Hot glue as needed and you should have a fairly reliable gun that shoots stefans. The ranges aren't great 35-40' but since I play mainly indoors this isn't too big a problem. The things are dirt cheap so if you screw it up you can always start over with a new one.

Titan Envy?

02 March 2005 - 03:14 PM

And lo! in the forgotten days of yore the elite players had that legendary weapon, the crossbow. And for a time it was good. Then the titan came along and people got the irits.
Okay, this is what's eating me: For ages the best (and most hard to find) gun has been the crossbow, everyone has accepted this, it is fact. The crossbow had a significantly larger range than its nearest competitors, thus making long range battle with an x-bow wielder an exercise in futility.
Then they made the titan.
The gun that, when modded, can fire stefans almost TWICE the distance the most heavily modded x-bow can. And instead of the cries of joy I had expected, for finally a stupidly long-range gun is available to those not willing to pay extorbatent prices on ebay, I see a bunch of whining. A whole bunch of crap along the lines of "wow that rocks, but I'm not letting it in my war because it's too powerful."
This is finally a gun that can give the x-bow a run for its money in terms of sheer distance and instead of running out and buying one to teach that snotty bastard down the road a lesson in pain, everyone is just whining about it.

Thoughts? opinions? Noodles?

Australian Nerfers?

21 February 2005 - 04:29 PM

Greetings all,
I live in australia, the anti-nerf capital of the world. For a few years now all toy gun lines have been removed from our shelves and my only gun (a switch-shot no less, peice of crap it is) took me four years of on and off searching to find and eventually turned up at a swap meet.
What's the point to this bitching you may ask? I merely wonder if there are any other aussies who share my problems, or can offer an explaination to our government's apparent anti-nerf policy.