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In Topic: Worlds 1st Touchscreen Controlled Stryfe! (possibly!)

23 May 2017 - 11:58 AM

It is a dashcam. Quick and simple. This one has IR LEDS for a bit of night vision. The range is crap, but it serves a purpose. When the touchscreen button is pressed it powers up the cam and starts recording. The only problem is it records upside down! I would have to try and turn the camera module 180 degrees and resolder to the main board and then do the same with the screen, but the tiny ribbon cables make this impossible.


 I want to use a good IR flashlight and a PI Noir camera next  integrated on the touchscreen housing. If there is WIFI it would be able to stream the video. 


Also if I add a GSM/GPS module to the RPI it could send what ever data I wanted, such as location, and display it on a interactive map. But thats a way off yet!


The stock is a Recon stock but with the center section removed and plasticard used to create the box for the LIPO. The brace is just a piece of scrap timber epoxied in place and then bondo-ed to smooth it off. I want to give the stock more detailing as it does look just like a box at the moment.

In Topic: Worlds 1st Touchscreen Controlled Stryfe! (possibly!)

23 May 2017 - 01:37 AM

There is a bracket on the box that is bolted to the Stryfe and washered behind the FW cage. It won't fall off. The box only has a RPI and the screen in it. So weighs only a few grams. I was looking at housing the battery in there but it would of put it way off balance.


All the real weight from the LIPO is in the stock. Its surprisingly well balanced now.


I'm going to take a few more photos tonight