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Nerf/Boffer Crossover Event

15 April 2015 - 10:36 AM

Hello everyone,

I'm going to be running a test event that combines NERF combat with Boffer combat (a la Dagorhir/Amtgard/Belegarth).

The purpose of this is twofold. Test mechanics for future game events, but also to enrich a simulated combat experience by combining two popular systems.


gunner = player using nerf gun
melee combatent = player using boffer

Passable weapons - NO nerf melee weapons OTHER than the tomahawk. All boffers must pass dagorhir safety standards.

switching - a player may carry both weapons. HOWEVER. to use a boffer their blaster must be completely holstered or DROPPED if it is in hand. Similarly a boffer must be dropped or holstered if switching to a nerf weapon.

Bullet hits" - a hit from a nerf dart in the torso, neck, or head equals death. A hit in the limb disables that limb. Two limbs disables equals death. Hits to the blaster register no damage. hits to the shield or boffer do no damage.

nerf shots are clarified if the shooter is not visible to the target and is within 10 feet.

Melee hits - dag rules. Full strength for other melee combatants. Hits to the torso kill. No hits to the head or neck. hits to limbs disable limbs. Lose two limbs equals death.

"touch kill" - Similar to barrel tap. if a melee player touches any part of a gunner or the gunners kit with a melee weapon, they are dead, regardless of force or locations.

shields - Nothing bigger than 2 feet in any dimension. Shields must pass all dagorhir safety requirements.

grappling - no grappling, shield checking, or wrestling for this event. Limited shield edging.

armor - no armor or heavily padded garments

FPS - not sure. I've thought of only utilizing stock weapons for this event but I'm not sure. Ideas?

The scenarios would be pretty standard and simple. Deathmatch, capture point, etc.

I'd also love to hear anyone's ideas about rule tweaks and suggestions. The venue is not yet decided on. It would be free or like 5 bucks to cover the venue or food for everyone.

What say you?