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a few newbie questions about Stryfe mods

24 February 2015 - 11:57 PM

Good day,

I recently bought a Stryfe and after playing with it for a bit I had the idea of trying to make a few change to increase the power/speed/range. I am not looking to take part in any organised game or anything it is just for fun at home, i am also not interested in doing any esthetic mods. After looking on multiple forum including this one I realised that there was a lot of options/ways to mod a nerf gun and it was really hard to fun an optimal way of doing things. I still have a few questions that could I couldnt find answer and any inputs would be appreciated:

1- I added 4xAA batteries just to increase the voltage and noticed a good change in velocity and range and was wondering if changing the wires and changing the battery for a 2s LiPo would increase the velocity or only affect the recovery time?
2- How long(could be as broad as long enough-not long enough) does a 1000mAh LiPo last? Should I look for something bigger?
3- I would like to stick with a 130 size motor since I dont have a dremel and dont really want to cut the shell, is it worth changing the stock motors? I found some stuff about Tamiya's but very few results were presented.
4- I was thinking adding a 5mw laser and I am wondering if this would be of any help or if the accuracy of the blaster isnt good enough to be worth it?

Bottom line, is LiPo worth the cost if I need to buy a charger just for the blaster? Would be performance justify the cost(about 80$ with charger), time spent or is overvolting the stock motor already giving near max performance? Might be important to note that I am not looking to buy any other nerf blaster or modify any small electronics at the moment.

Any suggestion and quantitative result would be appreciated!

p.s. sorry, english isnt my first language and my lack of better words probably made this hard to read and follow through.