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Rapidstrike Replacement Gear/Cog?

11 June 2016 - 02:49 PM

I just broke part of the base on one of the gears in my Rapidstrike so that it won't sit on the pin without falling off and jamming the pusher motor/arm constantly. Is there anywhere I can buy a replacement or a replacement pusher assembly for it? I am so mad right now!

First Mod -- Rapidstrike

24 May 2016 - 06:17 AM

I am in the middle of my first mod. I had bought 3 FK180 motors and the BSUK Wiring and Switch Kit a couple years ago and never got around to installing them. I found the box doing some cleaning this weekend and decided to give it a shot. I am totally bew to tinkering with electronics and electrical gadgets so I am lacking knowledge on the hobby. A lot of my questions here will be dumb. So be prepared.

So far I have cracked open my Rapidstrike and essentially gutted it. I fitted two of the motors to the flywheel and the other to the pusher. I cut out most of the wiring and removed most of the switches and random plastic bits. I cut a hole in the shell for the flywheel motor clearance and glued on the BSUK Motor Cover. That is how she sits now.

I still need to figure out which locks and switches to delete for full auto capabilities. I need to wire and solder all the new connections. I need to purchase a LiPo battety, charger and powetr supply. I was also told that the plastic piece that sits on the Cherry DC2 switch arm from the BSUK kit may be a hazard with the 180 motors do to torque. He also suggested I buy a new Cherry DC2 switch with a medium arm and to bend the end of the arm back instead. Is this good advice? Where can I even buy this stuff (online or locally)? The Radioshack closest to me closed a couple years ago and there are no hobby shops around that I know of.

Any other tips and/or tricks for this mod?