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Cyclone Shock

09 January 2015 - 11:48 AM

The title says everything. I wanted the Cyclone Shock since I saw the leak of it last year and the youtube reviews just made me want one more. So with out further ado, please enjoy the pics below.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Houston Area Nerf War 2015

08 January 2015 - 11:59 AM

As the title says, this is the thread for planning a nerf war in the Houston area for the year 2015. I have not yet picked an exact date, or location and am open to any and all suggestions for either variable. What I do have is an abundance of blasters (still in stock form for now) and an abundance of darts (800 brand new koosh darts still in the packaging). I am brand new to running a Nerf War, but I do have experience with paintball scenario games which I will be relying on heavily for this first go around. With all of that said lets get onto possible locations and dates:

Locations: I have been looking more to the west side of Houston and into the Katy and Cypress areas. So far the list is as follows (address in parentheses): Bear Creek Park (Bear Creek Pioneers Park, 3535 War Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77084), Cullen Park (19008 Saums Road, Houston, TX 77084), Nob Hill Park (10300 Timberoak Drive, Houston, TX 77065), and Terry Hershey Park (Link to Park Map as it is a very long and narrow park with many entrance points).

Dates: Looking in the March to April weekends. Easter is the 5th of April this year, so that date is out for most people. For a start, I am going to say that the tentative date would be March 28th, with a rain date of April 11th.

Game Types: Pretty much TBD at this point and will be dependent on turnout. If interest and participation is high enough, and if the location has enough trails while being sparse of bystanders, I will come up with a scenario game that will last 4 to 6 hours (honestly though, odds of this happening seem to be extremely low, but here's to hoping).

NSR Shark 40 Motor Voltage

05 January 2015 - 02:42 PM

As the title says, I am trying to find what voltage works best with the NSR Shark 40K slot car motors. The two voltages that I am looking at are 11.1V or 14.4V as I plan on using a LiPo battery pack to power the blaster. This is the third flywheel blaster that I am modifying, but the first one that I am looking at running more than a 2s LiPo battery pack in. My first modification was to a Rapidstrike using two Blade 180 Extreme motors and I have had very good results. My second flywheel mod was using a Stryfe, but I only did minimal mods (Rewire with 16 gauge wire and removal of locks) when I added the LiPo battery.

I am wanting to use the NSR 40k Shark motors on this blaster to try something a little different while also keeping the shell intact. I will be adding diodes to induce a voltage drop to the pusher motor to control firing speed, and may at a later date play with a fire selector switch to control the rate of fire.

I will try to add some pictures of the modded Rapidstrike and Stryfe late tonight, but be forewarned that the RS underwent a very bad hack job being that it was my first mod ever and I was more interested in getting the thing working than the looks. Thanks in advance for the help.