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1st Annual Black Friday PA Nerf War

08 November 2016 - 02:22 PM

Holy shitballs! im not dead. actually then again most of you probably dont even know who i am, aside from that!


This is a direct invitation to the 1st Annual Black Friday PA Nerf War




We are able to use this BEAUTIFUL! location known as Safety Town  which you can see in the link above.


Address for safety town is 300 Veterans Way, Warminster, PA 18974


here is the basic info about the event.


So what better way to burn off all of those calories from thanksgiving then coming out to a nerf war at safety town in warminster.

This event is family friendly and available to people of all ages, please come out and enjoy the fun.

We will be starting promtly at 10:00 so everyone PLEASE!!!!! arrive early and get prepared, I will personally make sure i get there super early and make sure the field is good for us.

--------------Game Types----------------
So this is a superstock only war, basically that means if you go to walmart and buy a nerf gun, you can play.

we will be playing the following
Crew Battle
Capture The Flag
Royal Rumble
Freeze Tag

And so many more.


Any other questions, comments or concerns can be addressed to me via a message or some other way of getting ahold of me, hope to see everyone out there.

here is a facebook link to the event if anyone is about facebook.


PA Super Stock War 11/28

08 November 2015 - 03:36 PM

I have currently participated in a lot of homemade blaster wars and i'm curious if anyone would be interested in partaking in a SuperStock War? if I were to get it all setup and everything, who would come out. I'm thinking possibly over winter break or something along those lines. if anyone is interested, comment and let me know. biggrin.gif





So we now have a date and time for the war and a location!!!! :D.


PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!! this is a super stock war. No Homemade blasters. If you have any questions about a blaster that you created, message me some pictures about it or just bring it with you and we will give you the green light or red light on the blaster.


Date - 11/28/2015


Time - Arrive by 10, 10:30and play until who knows when


First game will start 11.


Location - Tyler State Park (Hickory Nut Picnic Area)


For more info go to this link - https://panerf.wordp...-november-28th/


i know ill personally be getting there early so i can scope out everything since i personally have not been to this field, but if anyone has any issues or anything, message me for my number and ill give it to you so you can call me.

Nerf elite darts bulk sale

14 January 2015 - 02:01 AM

Hey guys I know that darts can be expensive and all and I've been doing some digging and I found this link on eBay for 400 darts for about $21. Quite honestly. That's a freaking deal. Here is the link if anyone is interested.