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In Topic: Stefan/Slug making in Australia or lack of supplies thereof

09 November 2015 - 03:49 PM

Hey there Rich

As a long time Australian nerfer, the first thing I'd like to point out is that OzNerf is essentially dead and has been for quite a while. I would be surprised if you got any meaningful response.

I personally use the Australia Nerf forums: http://australianner...forum/index.php

Although more active, it is mainly in terms of war organisation for the Adelaide area. Most of the posting modding community is on Facebook, as well as nerf groups from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. I won't link to all of those, but try joining the group 'Australian Nerf Modders'.

Finally, in regards to the thread topic, basically your experience in trying to find felt pads is the same as everyones in AU since the beginning of time. To my knowledge, no one has every imported a significant amount of felt tips, and I have never actually seen a Slug in the flesh.

Put it this way. Until a couple of years ago, almost every active nerf group used darts made with 'sili-tips' which were custom made dart heads that were similar to actual nerf streamline heads but not crap. This was decided to be a more economical and beneficial alternative to slugs, if that gives any indication as to how cost inneffective they are.

That old supplier is gone now, and most people, especially given the prevalence of flywheels and shorter ranges in general ( with a few exceptions) in Australia, use the above mentioned Chinese knockoff darts.

Personally I am one of the very few people who still uses domes. Not really sure which central nerf authority banned them, but I'm not really looking to start a discussion on that, but I will say I have never personally caused anyone to bleed, or had a head separate and hit someone. YMMV.