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Twin Turbo Rayven

31 July 2014 - 04:52 PM

I'm starting this thread instead of posting again on the afterburner problem because I think that issue has been addressed, and I'm interested to see if anyone else has done anything like what I'm working on. My blaster is a Rayven with all the locks and unnecessary switches removed running on 4 3.2v LiFePO4 solar light batteries. I've added the afterburner with stock Stryfe motors, running on another set of the same batteries. Where things get interesting are with my addition of a barrel mounted Hailfire front end!

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Posted Image

So I took the blaster out today to do some range tests after they were requested from my previous post, and I think this blaster is going to be really exceptional once I get my brass barrel done for it. I made a video, but found out after the fact that apparently my mount is bent and the entire thing is shot about 6 inches too high to actually see anything useful :/. So I'm going to post my range results here, and if I get a chance to run it through a chronometer I'll come back and post those results here as well.

I tested 4 different types of darts: (1) Stock Elite darts (2) Stock Elite suction darts (3) Modded Elite - hot glue dome (4) Modded Elite - hot glue filled and straw reinforced
Here are the results after firing six of each dart as flat as possible:
(1) 58' 67' 68' 79' 88' 98'
(2) 35' 59' 65' 69' 66' 79'
(3) 60' 65' 82' 86' 90' 110'
(4) 39' 58' 65' 78' 79' 82'

My hot glue dome darts are really fantastic in flywheel blasters, there's nothing special about them, but I've gotten the best results out of them in the past as well. If I get some "koosh" darts I think they'd probably get similar results. Surprisingly, the stock elite darts got excellent ranges as well. My suction darts are actually starting to get the edges of their tips worn off running through this monstrosity, so that's where the inconsistency comes from. The reinforced darts are not the best for this blaster, even though their ranges are alright they also had the highest variance in spread. That being said, the accuracy of this blaster really surprised me during this test. I expected a lot less consistency running all these different darts through it, but my highest point of deviation from my center line was no more than 3 feet, and from farthest left to right, dart to dart, about 4.5 foot spread. This should be reduced further by adding the brass barrel.

So that's it! Rather than try to write anything else here and continue rambling, I'll just respond to specific questions that may arise.

I'd be happy to make a post on how I did it, but it's still a work in progress. If anyone has any suggestions for future work I appreciate them.