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Bsa Fundraiser

05 September 2008 - 05:49 AM

I have to leave so I'll make this quick.
Eavh Year the BSA hold a very big fundraiser. This is done by selling popcorn to customers. My troop needs a lot of money to be able to do things this year. I have decided to see if any of you would like to donate to the BSA and my troop by purchasing some popcorn. The popcorn is very good. our customers have never had any negative comments about it.

If you want to help out the BSA and Troop 660, then you can order popcorn from orderpopcorn.com
When you get to the screen it will ask you for a code. tyoe in ten44md or you will not be able to buy. There is regular microwave popcorn, and there is popcorn in tins. You can purchase chocolate porducrs on and after September 29. If you don't like popcorn, you can buy it for a soldier over in Irag. The Boy Scouts could realy use some money to continue to make scouting an awesome program.

If you are going to buy popcorn, please order it before October 27th.

I'm open to flames, comments and questions. however I will not be on to answer any questions untill 3.

Adding A Flashlight To A Nite Finder

17 March 2008 - 06:22 PM

This is my first post. After finding this web site, I have became intrested in modding nerf guns. I thought it would be a good idea to replace that stupid stock lazer on the Nite Finder with something else like a flashlight.

First, I ripped out everything involving the lazer, including the part with the plastic lense.
I soon realized that simply sticking a small, cheap flashlight in the opening (when i took the box with the lense out htere was a hole). Also, the flashllight sticking out of the gun might create a cooler effect.

In order for this to work the flashlight had to be:

1. using 2 AA batteries. Watch batteries are annoying.

2. Able to turn on and off from the front. ( most of the flashlight will be inside the gun)

3. Able to have batteries replaced from the front.

once I found a flashlight like this, I needed to keep it from slipping out the front. The first idea that popped into my head was to wind E-tape around the flashlight untill it could fit where the lazer waas without falling out the front.

I am happy to say this worked, so I did not pursue a more professional way of securing the flashlight. I soon realized that a blue flashlight does not go good with a yellow Nite Finder. So I painted the orange parts red and the rest metallic silver.
sorry I can't provide pictures right now. If oyu are trying to do this modd and are confused, I will elaborate (there isn't much more that I could). This mod is perfect for night battles and not on the forums (I typed flashlight Nite Finder in the search engine and found nothing)

I hope you enjoy this mod!