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OMW vs Xplorer Longstrike Kits

30 January 2015 - 09:05 PM

So with OMW recently having issues with completing orders I have been hesitant about ordering the Longstrike Immortal kit from them. The Xpower Full Length dart kit from Xplorer looks like it might be a good alternative but I don't have much experience with Xplorer and was very pleased with my OMW massacre kit for my alpha trooper.

Anyone able to offer any insights on Xplorer quality or any info on when OMW will be getting they shit together?

Hoppered Magstrike

19 October 2014 - 08:34 AM

So recently I was able to find a magstrike at a local goodwill for about 3 bucks, but it did not include the magstrike clip with it. I'm debating my options right now, but I am considering doing an air compressor mod, and then using a hopper rather than a magstrike clip to feed darts. Here is a layout image:

Posted Image

As you can see the clip area would be a great place to store the air compressor since it would no longer be needed to drop the clip in. The plunger tube area would house my battery, though I may have to cut out where it slims down and replace than area with a length of pvp pipe about the size of the larger area below the clip well. The area where the priming handle is would be great for my charging connector for the battery.

So while the cosmetics of the mod seem like they would work well, I still am unfamiliar enough with the magstrike to know a few things, and as such I would like the modding communities help.

Question 1. Is the air output of the magstrike with the "assault Magstrike" mod sufficient to get decent ranges with a hopper?

Question 2. Since the magstrike does have a slide action, Would I be better off creating a gravity fed breech with a brass barrel? EDIT: answered this myself with a bit of investigation. The sliding action would only open the breech about 1 inch, not enough for a dart.

Question 3. With the lower air capacity I get the feeling I wouldn't be able to do a longer barrel either way. What material would you say as the least barrel drag and would it be better to have a short barrel with a tighter fit or a longer barrel with a looser fit and less drag.

Lastly Question 4. Can a hopper feed fast enough to keep up with a magstrikes rate of fire?