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RSCB Stream Machine

22 February 2014 - 12:09 AM

Hello everyone! (you can call me Xeno for short if you want) Im new here! Anyways on to the mod:


Stream Machine water gun

air compressor hose

an RSCB or Hopper Clip

a large hose clamp

zip ties

PVC cement or other adhesive

a PVC 2" threaded male fitting

the front end of a BBB plunger (at least thats what I used but you could probably use something else)

As you can see I was nice enough to take apart my blaster as much as I could and rebuild it for this write up. I couldent get these two pieces off because they are PVC cemented on. now then. Step 1: remove the nozzle of your stream machine. mine was threaded on so that wasn't a problem for me.

after that take the PVC 2" threaded male fitting and glue it to where the nozzle used to be. then I took my BBB plunger section and glued it into the fitting:

Posted Image

Step 2: get about 4" of air compressor hose and jam one end of it it into the barrel. you don't really need to glue it in:

Posted Image

Step 3: take the other end of the hose and jam it into the RSCB like so:

Posted Image

Step 4: place the hose clamp like so and tighten it alot, but not too much or it will break the plastic:

Posted Image

Step 5: take a zip tie and place loop it around the barrel of the BBB and the feeding tube of the RSCB. This it to help stabilize the RSCB and to make a strap point on the blaster:

Posted Image

And you should end up like something like this!:

Posted Image

will measure ranges soon but I do know it is getting way over 100' with elite darts. The RSCB holds 5 elite darts but hopefully I will start making stefans soon.