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In Topic: Nerf recon plunger tube gets stuck

30 November 2014 - 04:11 PM

Yes it was the two layers of tape and the padding combined it now has a really bad air seal but works all I need to do is to somehow make a replacement for the dart tooth

In Topic: Nerf recon plunger tube gets stuck

30 November 2014 - 03:11 PM

The new seal may be too big for the plunger tube. You might want to either lessen the width of the new seal (if possible) or just grease it.

It is only two layers of tape and everything is greased but I will try to remove one layer I am not sure if the air seal will be good

In Topic: Nerf recon not working

13 February 2014 - 04:54 AM

Please don't take anything on youtube nerf seriously; at least not before getting multiple opinions on it. Youtube nerf videos are often free from any sort of useful discussion or standards due to the fanboy mentality of the viewers (note how you felt the need to name drop instead of just saying a youtube tutorial when you weren't even posting a link to it.) If you want to have mods that are reviewed by people who know what they are doing and are actively looking for ways it could be improved you should stick around and check out some of the write-ups here.

Yea I know I guess I won't trust him and get multiple opinions. thanks for helping with my problems everyone!

In Topic: Nerf recon not working

11 February 2014 - 12:33 AM

If you are removing the dart tooth, you must front/single load the blaster, but you must have the dart tooth to maintain the use of clips/magazines.

Ok thanks for
The help. Now I will I guess buy one or try to make a homemade.

In Topic: Nerf recon not working

09 February 2014 - 04:21 PM

It's not the dart post or AR, you're missing your dart tooth, a component in the front of the blaster, responsible for pushing the dart into the breech.
Here's a pic of a recon dart tooth I just pulled off the web, here's a pic of a functional recon.The part you're missing is in the front of the blaster; right by (and partly in) the larger pink square. Just compare your Recon to the functional one in the pic, find out what's missing from yours, and you should be good.

I removed it, because of lord dracs recon mod tutorial